Apr 2023 Blog Train - Working

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Apr 2023 Blog Train - Working

The theme for April is Spring and Easter.

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

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Love all the bright colors. I may just have to use them all. lol

love it! smiley

ACO File

ACO Ltd File

Love this palette!!

Does anyone wanna do a collab?

What have you got in mind? I was planning to do Easter.

me too. dunno yet. originally thought about doing something about good friday cause thats something you dont see very often, but colors seem too cheery for that.

And already in commons, some hearts I made while listening to a podcast:

I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to do with the wonderful colors in this month's palette UNTIL . . . I had to pick up grain at the feed store. Their baby chicks are in! Needless to say, a 30-minute job took me 2 hours smiley

On my blog April 1st...

Will be in the Commons by April 1st...

The colors reminded me of My Little Ponies lol.

Soaring Spring mini kit will go live on my blog on April 1st.

@Diane, the baby chicks are adorable. I love the stack, the border, your butterfly...and your flowers and greenery are as always beautiful.

@Tina, wonderful word art! I love your Palm Sunday Add-on!!

@Bina, such useful stickers and the flower paper is SO fun. I love the patterns on your papers.

@Jennifer, too cute. Love the glittery words, the hearts frame, and your square brads.

@Mel, I am looking forward to your papers especially the lavender and blue (are they embossed?) and the kites/diamonds.

Tricia: Love that ribbon.

Diane: Gorgeous flowers as usual.

Tina: Love the wreath.

Bina: Love the papers. I never know what to do with stickers. lol

Jennifer: Such an adorable kit! My granddaughter is in the unicorn stage, so that'll be perfect for me to scrap!

Mel: Those papers are so funky.

Thanks Christina. Your rabbit is so fun; what a great grin! And I always love a good scatter and splatter. Ears & tail on the word art are super cute!

Thanks, Tricia! I think I'm going to post the bunny template for CU. I just need to a fix it a little.

smiley smiley smiley Excited!! Thanks Christina smiley

Thanks, Tricia, yes they're embossed. I've been working through the Make-a-kit tutorials and learning new tricks!

Tricia, your bunnies are too cute!

Jennifer: fantastic theme, it's just perfect for this palette.

Christina: I can't wait for that bunny paper, or the tulips. Gorgeous!

Diane: those are the cutest baby Chicks! They make me happy just looking at them.

Bina: I love your scandi floral. Sometimes I see something and go, "yes, that's what I'm missing."

Tina: your graphics are so bold and clean! Those Palm Sunday papers and embellishments are sure to be added to my regular rotation.

/applauds/ Brava, everyone!

I had to miss last month's blogtrain, but I'm here now. Tell me what you think. It will be on my blog DeasDesigns

So cheerful and 'spring'y Andrea!

Lovely flair, Andrea!

I will participate.

I have to sit this one out as I'm having to re-format my pc. ugh!
but I'm loving what I see above. You all are fantastic designers.

My contribution for this month's Blog Train:

On BibleJournalClasses.com/blog April 1.

Oh, Robin, love those papers!

Hi friends - here on April 1st.

On my blog April 1:


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