April 2023 Blog Train Poll

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April 2023 Blog Train Poll

I'm considering for the April blog train to switch things up and instead of choosing a color palette, to set a theme instead. Here are some options of themes I'm considering. You can also choose color palette if you think the theme idea is not great smiley

You can choose two options!

30% (40 votes)
28% (37 votes)
24% (32 votes)
No theme, stick with color palette
20% (27 votes)
19% (25 votes)
Cats & Dogs
17% (23 votes)
9% (12 votes)
Total votes: 131

I was planning on doing an Easter kit for March, but I'd rather do that for April, so that's my vote.


Yay! I would much rather have a theme personally. I find it so difficult to decide how to store the kits, and because the themes can be so different, I just end up keeping the parts separate anyway. I feel it defeats the purpose of having a coordinated color palette, because if the themes are different, I won't mix/match the parts. I totally scrap my images in the context they were taken in. But in the end, I'm just grateful to have the kits and fully enjoy them.

Truthfully, I prefer the way the blog trains used to be, with the palette AND theme provided. If I can't think of a theme to suit the palette, I usually end up doing some generic papers. Which is boring and uninspiring. I just voted for "Mermaids", because it might make me complete the huge bundle I was doing for a Scrap Twist blog train ["Children's Character Party" was our theme.] I made so much that I completely missed that month's blog train, and have just never gone back to it. It was going to have 3 parts to it, the scrap bundle, plus documents on party games, decorations etc, as well as a printables bundle of things like invitations, party bag toppers, etc. I've done a lot, including creating templates, but I still have so much more I want to do on that one.

I have to agree with Angela and Robyn... Having a set-in-stone theme and palette for all to go by would be much better and more coordinating when using the kits. Create polls for both the theme and palette. The theme would be the first poll, then people could post palettes and we could vote for the one we like best that goes with the theme. I realize that's more work on your part (perhaps that's why you stopped doing it that way?). However, I believe it would get more people involved--designers and users alike. At the time I'm writing this, so far 43 people voted in this poll. Non-designers seem eager to have their voice heard too, which is a good thing. More involvement, the better!

I think I like the idea of palette and theme either because, in the end of the blogtrain I like to have HUGE kit to work with. But I don't mind a little freedom in the theme side - as we have been having. A few suggestions, maybe just a little less on the loose side... ( Just because sometimes, with some themes we have people experiencing very different things. For example: December for you is winter and for me is summer. That sort of thing.) But any way it goes we will figure it out. smiley

I like the idea of a theme and color palette too. Maybe if we're making co-ordinating kits, we can find a way to team up or work together somehow if people are interested??

I vote Theme and Easter for this blog train. Also there's not a lot of kits with the Easter theme. With a palette, I'm not always inspired. But give me a great theme, I can see a layout in my mind's eye in the palette that is triggered with the kit. With each and every one of us creating layouts, it be great to see different takes on the same theme.

Honestly I miss the theme and color palette together. While I love to see the designers' different ideas, it's so amazing to have a large coordinating collection.

But, I'm grateful for whatever the designers decide to gift us with, because it's all so amazing. I've developed my own renaming convention (and use a bulk renamer) so I can quickly search for everything from a certain blog train to see everything together and use different pieces. I.e., someone might have a great kit, but no frame, or no flowers or some other element I'd like for a layout - so I can use a coordinating element from another kit.

Having a more generalized theme is nice, tho maybe it could be more cohesive like family could be family/new baby/grandchildren/reunion for theme picks. That way there are more options that work within a centralized theme. smiley

Yup, same for me. I like a swatch, the theme is not so important for me as I am inspired plenty by colors only but, boy, do I love to see all the themed ellies you fab designers come up with , or what? smiley
Not sure what to vote for, I donโ€™t have any time to play these days anyways smiley

That's a really good idea, jessica!

I stopped setting a theme because I personally never use kits with a theme and blog trains with a set theme feel like too much of whatever it is to me smiley. But, lots of people are occasion scrappers, so I figured we could do a set theme occasionally. Will it be weird if I don't set a color palette once we choose a theme? I actually already made an Easter kit using the palette from March, so I'm not sure what I'll do if we choose Easter. I'll just have to leave the poll up until it gets voted further down smiley

@Jessica: I like this! I was trying to figure out how to get that idea across. Thanks!

I'm kind of thinking you almost need to have a color palette to help bring all the pieces of a blog train together. A theme isn't quite as important because each designer pretty much finds topics or ideas they want to work on each month.

I really like your idea, Jessica!
A theme like that and a palette I think would be great.

I think a theme and palette together is best. If each chooses their own color palette, like someone said earlier, I may want a flower and the kit I'm using doesn't have one, so everyone with same palette is best in my opinion.

i have participated in other blog trains before and i have found themes easier myself.

I am color blind to certain colors. Having a color pallet really help being able to mix and match.

smiley No, it is so not weird. Just plenty advanced and I love it but can see that the ocean of colors can be a bit overwhelming, just like themes are for me and you.

I like the color pallet and theme ideas.

I love the theme idea! Travel kits are my fav!

I like the theme and colour palette idea too. It gives me more options. I'm learning but it opens the window to new ideas.

I love a theme. Easter for Easter!

Just seeing this now. For me when I scrap, the color palette is pretty important for a blog train to make it into a larger, usable kit. On the theme, it helps me if it's limited to a couple of choices and that people choose one or the other (or general un-themed items are always fine, too--right?) so that the resulting kits can be pooled together at the end according to the themes chosen by the designers. I like Jessica's idea to keep them a little on the broad side to include more related topics.

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