Aug 2022 Blog Train - Working

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Aug 2022 Blog Train - Working

The themes listed are OPTIONAL. You are free to choose whatever works for you. Also, you don't have to use all the colors.

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

Please make sure this logo is visible on your preview: Blog Train Logo

Lovely, definitely love vintage!!

ACO File

ACO Ltd File

Fab swatch! @Elizabeth Minkus: many thanks for the aco's.

Bina, I love that swim suit! So cute!

@Lisel Rice. smiley Thank you, Lisel, so happy you like it.

Somewhat blown by how great this swatch really is.

Oh, I can't wait to think about fall! I'm in again.

And using the Red/White/Blue...already on my facebook.

And...I've been playing with brushes, actions, styles, shapes. All of these are in Commons, but I will upload for the blog train as well.

Love the colors!

Will be on Blog on August 1.

The first time that I participate. I hope I'm not doing anything wrong.

10 elements and 5 papers - for PU.

Will be at my blog HERE on 1 August.

Michaela, I love that polka dot paper! Thanks for joining in!

Robin, those rose papers are beautiful!

I love all the different directions this month's blog train is going. Really great stuff, ladies!

here's mine, ready on blog Dea's designs

I'm not sure I am done 'cause these colors and the vintage theme are making The Muses happy, but this is what I have so far. Once again, I am so excited for the first. So. Many. Pretty. THINGS! Y'all are so creative and talented!

Marisa: This is such a gorgeous selection of colors. It tickled my Muses and I immediately had to start making stuff when I saw it.

Elizabeth: Thank you so much for the handy-dandy ACO files. What would we do without you? (Make our own ACO files and *boo-hiss* that is tedious. LOL) I really appreciate you making them for us and sharing them every blog train and so promptly.

Bina: Love your take on these colors. I am always amazed how simple ( mean that in the best way possible!), yet appealing you make your creations. That bathing suit is adorable! Also love the rustic bow and the wee flower. Really fun little kit!

Laura: Can't wait to see what you create. I love Fall kits so I am sitting on the edge of my chair--LOL!

Tricia: Those splats of glitter spilled all over that gorgeous array of papers, is so pretty and fun! I absolutely love anything with sparkle, so this makes me giddy-happy to see. The scalloped frame and flowers are such sweet companions. This kit is CUTE! Love, love, love your take on the patriotic kit as well. So clever to use the colors in this swatch to go in that direction. I hadn't even noticed there was a red in this kit, but it works so well with the smoky blue to say "America." Excellent use of a limited palette.

I love your cheerful style. The flowers and dots and stripes done in those soft shades work so well together. Love the word-art you've included and all the little ellies. Really pretty, appealing kit.

I am so thrilled you decided to join in! I've been admiring your creations in the Commons for a while now and I love seeing you put a Blog Train kit together--it turned out so cute! That polka-dot paper is right up my alley. Love dots of any kind. And your back-to-school cluster is so neat. Love that lined paper, too. THAT says "school" in such a fun, playful way. Excellent job and I can't wait to see more of your creations in the next blog train! smiley (See what I did there? You've been DRAFTED!)

Diane: Love those happy, stripey flowers and leaves and berries. Just so playful and fun. The textured papers are yummy as well. They make me want to reach out and touch them like I am in a physical scrapbook store and that is awesome. Your kits always make me smile and "ooooooh" and "aaaaaaah" and if I am being honest, a little bit envious. I am taking notes and hoping to up my designing game by paying attention to how you do it.

Andrea: So many textures. I'm drooling. What a lovely selection of papers you have created! Love them all, but that embossing on the circle pattern is super cool.

Thanks to all you creative peeps for continuing to make such lovely things to share with all of us. Once again, I am wishing the month away so we can get to the first of the next month and GOODIES!

Loving all the different ways the colors are being used! Everything is looking so marvelous! This is shaping up to being one beautiful, cozy and wonderful train! I especially love the nods to fall & vintage feels smiley

Hi all, last summer we became obsessed with these little free libraries. There are about 7 in our school district so we take our old books and visit them all about once a month. There has been a handful of times that my kids have found an absolute treasure! You can look on a map and see if they are any close to you. My goal is to have one of our own sometime.

I, too, am loving the vintage vibes going on, and the colors of this month are so rich!
So, here's my take on it.

Oh Lisel, I love it. Rich is the best word to describe your kit, rich and lush. Great textures and I adore the lock and key. I absolutely love your cream and black paper and can't wait to use it!

@Jessica: I simply love your work... smiley

Thank you Petra! smiley

smiley smiley smiley Thanks, Kelly!

Wow, everything looks so amazing. We have kits for each month of the year here. Must be magic, nk.

smiley @Annette Marie smiley Thank you.

Thank you so much for critiquing each contribution.

Critique is so important yet not very present.

I've been thinking about a critique challenge every now and then for quite a bit of a while now, like you critique the previous layout and then set up your layout for critique. Maybe I should ask in a different thread but would love to pick your minds on that.

Bina, you are very welcome. And I couldn't agree more, that comments--especially saying what you liked and find appealing in others' efforts are so very important. (If I am being honest . . . I pretty much live for those few and far between affirmations from others that I am doing good work or making something that is found appealing and/or useful. smiley ) It's the only "pay" we get when we make and share our creations for free, and it only takes a minute to hit that "comment" button and say something sincere about the creation you are viewing. I know I could do better myself so I can't fault anyone that snags and doesn't say a word, but man, do I love those very kind, generous peeps that find the time to say a word or two about what others have shared. We all like a little ego-stroke now and then, right? It's just being human and I know it sure keeps me inspired to keep making stuff and sharing it.

I love your idea of a pay-it-forward "critique" challenge.

Hello, here is my part for this month. The kit will be on my blog for the 01 August 2022, Digiscrap Angelhaze Thank you very much for all your beautiful graphics dear ladies! โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

I love all of these back to school kits.

As usual, I love seeing everyone's color choices and differences. Great job all!

Wow! I really love all the different ideas that this month's colors are giving to us!! I've been working on a kind of vintage July 4th, hope you like it! My contribution:

I've been dealing with website issues for a few months but I think I've finally got it working again!

I've posted some of the kits I made while I was away from DS blog trains and here is my contribution for August.


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