Dec 2021 Blog Train - Comments

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Dec 2021 Blog Train - Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until December 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

The colors in this blog train are so happy and joyous, I love them!
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get my kit together as I had hoped.
I am looking forward to all the offerings of the other designers, as the previews are beautiful!
Thank you all for them! smiley

Hi Lisel, I hope that I can see some of the elements you've made. I'm sure they are awesome even if you didn't get to make a whole minikit! I hope you have a happy holiday!

Becky Wooler - Congrats on your FIRST Blogtrain Entry!!

To the rest of you long time designers, there are some wonderful kits here. smiley

Thank you.

Many thanks ladies , it's a very beautiful blog train ! love this! smiley smiley

Dear Designers,

I am so overwhelmed by your admirable Christmas kits. I just say:

Thank you everyone for your gorgeous contributions to the blog train! They are all so beautiful!

Thank you so much for all your wonderful creations and for sharing. 🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️

Thanks, Robynne! It's a bit nerve-wracking to jump in with all of these talented ladies. smiley

Lovely kits, everyone! I'm looking forward to using them.

Such gorgeous kits! Thank you to each designer who has shared. I can't wait to dig in and put together a page!

On a side note, does anyone use a Facebook static tab for their freebie? I'm currently using Woobox and have for years. Though this time around it doesn't seem to be working (something I've had happen in the past but have been able to fix). This time around troubleshooting doesn't seem to be working.

Thank you all soooooooo much!!!

The kit called Sscraps A Winter Walk is downloaded as a .7z file rather than a regular .zip file. Is it possible to have it saved as a regular zip file for ease in opening. I like the kit very much and would like to use it. Thanks for all the lovely kits!!!

I was able to convert the file because of your instructions. Thanks so much for your help!!

If you would like to open the file now, you can open .7z files with a free open source program called 7zip.

Nice job everyone! Thank you for your lovely contributions.

Thank you one and all - so many awesome kits and a template too! Much MUCH appreciated ~

Wow! These kits are beautiful. Thanks so much, ladies, for sharing your time and talent with us!

Thanks, everyone, for all the great Christmassy, wintery kits. Great job! I was sorry to miss the ones from MediaFire, since I don't download from there. Also, I can't open 7z's either, and I have a Mac, so I can't use 7zip. Oh well! Thanks so much for the ones I was able to get!

thanks so much to all of the designers ))

I'm sorry for the 7zip files, but it is free and open source, and I think that Zip or Rar can open them... anyway, there are two ways to get the kits zipped with 7zip:

1st way to download 7zip:

Another way is to convert my file online:

Hope this helps!

Sonia, 7zip will archive as a "zip" file - it's what I use too: 7zip

I also use 7z and save it as a zip format.

But for Mac users according to 7z's website the free Unarchiver for MAC OS X will unpack 7z formats. I am not a Mac user so I cannot personally vouch for this, just passing along the info. smiley

Thank you all so much for your lovely contributions. Love the kits x

Thank you all for your beautiful holiday mini kits! I feel a little bit overwhelmed -- there are so many choices, I want to use them all, and I don't know where to begin. I guess that's a good problem to have. smiley

Thank you everyone! Such great variation on the palette while still all working together so well!

@Tricia Ptktj - I can never see your previews in the thread, I'm not sure why, but I thought I'd mention it.

@Mac users and .7z files - As was said above, just download the Unarchiver app from the app store and you can open them, I have a Mac and a PC and that's what I use on the Mac. The file size of .7z is a little smaller than .zip and sometimes that makes a difference when bandwidth is limited.

@Mediafire comments - It's safe to download from there if you use an ad-blocker on your browser. It can be a horrible mess of pop-ups and viruses if you don't, but I use Ad-Block Plus for Chrome and I don't get those anymore.

@Tina Shaw and @Jessica Dunn- Thank you! Now I see that chance, didn't know it! Thank you sooo much!

Thank you everyone. The BT this month is fabulous!

Thanks so much ladies!

Thank you to all the amazing designers! I loved the various interpretations of the colors and themes. smiley

Thank you to all you talented designers for another wonderful Blog Train.

Ladies, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you and yours!! The kits are all simply amazing. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent!!!

Thank you for another wonderful blog train! Wishing all at DS a very Merry Christmas, and may 2022 bring you much fun, laughter & happiness smiley