Dec 2022 Blog Train - Working

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Dec 2022 Blog Train - Working

The themes listed are OPTIONAL. You are free to choose whatever works for you. Also, you don't have to use all the colors.

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

Please make sure this logo is visible on your preview: Blog Train Logo

Thanks Elizabeth. Loving those greens Marisa!
I couldn't decide what to do for Nov, so I'm starting watercolor elements for Dec.

My contribution has EXPLODED from designer challenges:

The colors are so great again! Many thanks, Marisa.

Thank you @Elizabeth Minkus for providing the aco files! smiley

@Tricia Ptktj: Love your papers and the chipped watercolor stickers. So beautiful! smiley

To be continued... It is with great pleasure that I try to participate in the blog train...

Fun colors! I love greens and browns.

Tricia -- Your Christmas bundle is wonderful. You've been a busy lady!

Oh, wow, Diane!
Those snowflakes are so intricate, delicate, and BEAUTIFUL!
And the Joy word art and the holly.....oh I love your kit!

Beautiful kit, as always! Love the Noel ornament and Joy.

Loved working with these colors, Marisa and as always, my thanks to Elizabeth Minkus for providing the handy-dandy ACO file.

Diane, what a gorgeous kit. I am in love with your "Joy" word art and those snowflakes are spectacular. Really pretty collection of soft background papers, too. Just so, so pretty!

Fibul . . . those papers are so fun! Love that texture and I can't wait to see what else you come up with! Welcome to the Blog Train! The more the merrier, I say and I hope you find it a ton of fun!

Bina, this kit is so fresh and festive. Those wee little houses are so dang cute and I am loving the word art. What a fantastic texture that is on the words and elements--so showy! This will be a lot of fun to work with and I am chomping at the bit to get my hands on it! Lovely job as always, my friend!

You really went to town on this kit, Tricia! And everything turned out so pretty. I love the weathered wood texture you've used throughout and that Christmas word art with the glowing lights is just so very neat. Love the marbled and the misty paper sets bunches, too. The whole collection makes my fingers itch to start playing around with all of it in PS! Wonderful effort, my friend and people are going to be so grateful for this huge collection of seasonal happiness! What a fun way to say "Merry Christmas" to all of us!

Thank you, Lisel, Christina and Annette. I bought a new Christmas tree in July and my entire Christmas decorating is going to be different this year. I have in the past done a more "country Christmas", but this year it's going to take on a more elegant appearance. Just in the mood for something different.

Lisel -- You changed your picture! Nice!

Annette: That gingerbread man is super cute!

Diane: You're welcome. An elegant Christmas sounds wonderful.

Thanks so much, Christina. I had a bunch of fun jazzing him up. smiley

Annette, I have only just looked at this thread, and as soon as I saw the palette, I thought "Vintage Christmas"! Your kit is beautiful, as always.

It is the perfect palette for Vintage Christmas, isn't it? Thanks so much for the kind words regarding my kit, Robyn. I do so appreciate it! smiley

smiley Thank you, Annette Marie! So sweet of you to say.
Your kit is soo beautiful, traditional Christmas! So much love in your kit. How could anyone resist your uber cute Santa and how your flairs look with their raised embellies on top and the gold rim? Everything looks marvie.

Oh, Bina. You make my heart so happy with your kind words. Thank you, friend. I am thrilled you found my kit appealing! YAY! smiley

What a fun, versatile template, Connie! This could be used in so many ways for Christmas pages. This will be very popular on the Train. Lovely share!

Hi friends, This was my favorite blog train ever because I got to collaborate with Sonia from Sonia Scraps! I'll put the previews here but we will each put up one of the previews for the official blog train smiley. We made the kit and then she told me that it is a tradition where she is from that you cannot buy a poinsettia for yourself you have to give it away or you can receive one as a gift. I thought that was amazing and then she made me the most beautiful poinsettia (the gorgeous black one) and then I made her one back, it was so much fun. It reminded me of how much I adore (which sadly I still call pixelscrapper in my head!). I love the kindness, the giving nature and the goal of helping everyone grow in their scrapbooking goals. As those of us in America are approaching thanksgiving I can't say enough of how thankful I am for Marisa and!

Kelly: OMGoodness, everything is so gorgeous! And what a special story about the poinsettias. smiley

Anyone else: I'm still not done with my kit (actually...a bundle). I'm going crazy overboard as usual. These blog trains are the only time I ever get hundreds of downloads on anything I create, so I figure I might as well go all out. Go big or go home, right? lol

Christina - thank you so much. I pretty much owe it all to Sonia she has such great taste and direction. I can't wait to see your beautiful kit. It's always a blessing for those that download so your efforts will make lots of people smile!

Winter is certainly my 2nd most favorite season. Having fun putting this together with the sweet colors in this palette. They made me think of hot chocolate on snowed in mornings.

@Kelly - Hope to see you have future collabs with Sonia! You both have such a lovely style! smiley

You and Sonia did a FANTABULOUS collaborative kit!
SO beautiful!
SUCH gorgeous style, you both have!

Jessica, this is so very sweet, the colors you chose for each element was perfect! It's such a beautiful presentation, too! It could be a quickpage as is!

Kelly: You're welcome! You always make beautiful things, so it isn't simply down to Sonia's direction. You're quite talented in your own right.

Jess: You somehow manage to outdo yourself every time. smiley

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