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I agree Sharon, I love how all of the colors Marisa picks go well together but they can look so different when just a few are highlighted. Your background papers are absolutely amazing. Seriously your first paper is the sweetest I've ever seen. Beautiful mix of flowers and colors!!!! Sarah, your bright colors are so much fun and I love that you made a class list element, that's a big thing for us at our house. Tricia, sadly I can't see your preview but I always go to your face book page to download it because it's always amazing. Sonia yours is classy and perfect as always. I always appreciate how you are able to pick the few colors that will really be striking together, honestly I always think your kits reflect your Audrey Hepburn photo! Jody, Diane, Karen and Robin they are beautiful Robyn, your sweet colors and patterns always get me! It will be a fun February blog train!

Ah, thank you so much, Kelly, for your kind accolades. I love everyone's take for the February blog train.

Oh! Kelly, thank you very much! I really appreciate your kind words, and I must say that I also love your kits!

thanks Sharon and Kelly! Great job everyone

@ SONIA, very stylish!

Tricia, neither of your images are showing...

Any idea on how to make Google Photos show up? I think some people can see the images I upload...but not everyone. Or is there a better way?

@Tricia Ptktj: I use imgur and I've never had any issues with it. I'v never been able to see your images here in the forum. Instead I see a giant blank space.

Thanks @Bina. Are the images visible now?

Tricia, I can see them!!!! And they are gorgeous, as usual. Whatever you did worked for me, hopefully for everyone else too!

Thanks @Kelly. I'm glad it worked!

I searched the settings in google and changed a sharing setting. Can you see this:

smiley yes, I can Tricia. Gorgeous papers!

Yay Tricia I can see them too now!

Well I went a very different direction with this and used most of the colors - something I don't tend to do lol!

And I love it Jessica!!!!!!!! It's perfect with all of the colors, I'm getting retro vibes. I really love your computer doodle, did you draw it on an ipad?

Great theme, Jessica!

Looking forward to February 1st!

Wow, Jessica, I really like the way you used the colors. I find that is something that I have to work on, using all of the colors in a creative way.

Thanks Kelly! Well I have some hand drawn things but I can't take credit for this one - I got it from Marisa here. I used several of these sketches in the coordinating bundle. They are really cute!
@Sarah - thanks!
@Jen Pretty papers!
@Sharon Thank you! I tend toward smaller palettes but sometimes I just can't nix a color, and sometimes it's several, because I like them too much lol. I really love the mini you came up with - it is so beautiful!

Looking forward to "download day" smiley

Wow, all these graphics are wonderful , the colors are fantastic and you all did a great job!

My part

Had to do another smiley

Watercolor Papers

And Plaids

Pocket Cards

My part of the train:

very clean and colorful!

love it as always!


SHARON GRANT: I absolutely LOVE your kit! It looks delicate, vibrant, vintage and modern, all at the same time!

Thank you SO MUCH, Robyn Denton!! Your compliment makes me feel great. I was going to change the color to something more Valentines, but I guess I'll keep it now. smiley

Have an awesome day!!!


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