Feb 2024 Blog Train - Comments

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Feb 2024 Blog Train - Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until February 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

Hello. I love seeing these!

Out of curiousity, who can contribute to this blog train? Certain levels as a designer in the Commons? Do all the contributions go in the Commons? Are there expectations/guidelines somewhere I'm not seeing? I'm thinking maybe I will join in unofficially as a designing challenge for myself since I'm not really feeling like making any layouts.

Please confirm for me:
*The color palette is released about two weeks before the items go live...?
*The theme/style/items are the choice of the designer...?

Thank you!

You can read more about participating in this thread. But anyone can participate. Not all contributions go to the Commons, that is just preference for those who are part of the Commons and participating in the blog train.

The color palettes show up in threads under the forum DigitalScrapbook.Com Blog Trains. The threads labeled with "Working" show the palette for an upcoming month and, for those who want to, can show what they are working on for that blog train. Here are the current working threads for March and April. You can even leave a palette suggestion in Marisa's thread here for June & beyond.
Yes, the themes noted on the palettes are just a suggestion. Ultimately it is designers' choice.

And just to note, the threads labeled "Final List" are where you put your finished preview and link to download your portion - even if you already showed your preview in the working thread. This is the spot everyone is directed to to download the train portions.

Hope that answers your questions and look forward to seeing you around the Blog Trains if you choose to participate! smiley

Thank you for taking the time to share all that, Jessica! smiley I missed that part in the forums. Maybe because it was a little foreign, but it makes sense now.

Loving the colors!
Winter can be so dreary, so I'm delighted to see the cheery colors!
Thank you, thank you!!

Great train everyone - thank you so much for the beautiful gifts! I agree the colors are certainly happy & cheerful.

@Bethany You are more than welcome! And I totally understand what you mean!

@Robin I was sorry to read about your son's accident! Hoping for as quick a recovery as possible. Sending thoughts & prayers for you and your family! smiley

Thank you Ladies Lady's Very colorful love it makes my day cause it has been pretty dreary here in Ohio this was a nice uplifting train to help keep my sprits up. I wanted to say i appreciate all the work and time you take to do this.

This is an exceptionally gorgeous train. Love all the contributions. Thank you so much to those who took the time to create and share such wonderful creations.

Thank you everyone!

Thanks to all the designers for these lovely gifts! Highly appreciated!

Thank you all for such lovely contributions! These happy colors are certainly brightening up my February.

Robin, I'm sorry to hear about your son. Praying that he recovers quickly.

Marisa - I love the butterflies!

Jessica- awesome paint splatters.

Nellie - pineapple is my friend Kelley's favorite. Great tropical theme.

Jan - your blue paper with green hearts is my favorite. So fancy!

Sonia - Great theme choice. I never had any Groundhog day kits before. Thanks!

Diane - Love the hearts and butterflies in this kit. Your designs are beautiful as always!

Megan - The watercolor is my favorite. Thanks for the cards.

Rae - So fun that you used your kit for 'Telephone'. Thanks for your contribution.

Cintia - Love the dandelion & scatter. Thanks!

Rhonda - those frogs and ants are adorable! Too cute!

Robin - Hospitals are SO stressful. My son was there for a LONG time with heart problems. I hope you have plenty of support and that he heals quickly. ((HUGS)) and much sympathy. To be in your own recovery from surgery I am sure makes the days even more difficult. I am just leaving an abusive marriage with God's help and have found The Flying Free Sisterhood to be an amazing support group. Natalie is AMAZING! I am working on my health after all the tension and trauma.

Tina - Great textures. Thanks for the solids!

Joyce - Love you little tulips. Thanks!

Thank you everyone for the beautiful kits this month!

Thanks everyone! smiley

I'm very sorry to hear about so much personal suffering here. It's a terrible time, everywhere. I pray for you that the Father will give you strength and help to get through and HEAL, physically and mentally.
GOD bless you all smiley

thanks for all )))

Thanks to all the designers for the beautiful kits this month.

To Tricia and Robin, particular thoughts for your difficult situations.

Here's to spring arriving soon x

Thanks so much to all the creators for their wonderful, generous shares!

Thank you!

Love all the contributions, thank for all beautiful contribution for this BT, thank ladies! smiley smiley

Love the colors of this blog train. You all did a wonderful job & thank you for the goodies.

Fab collections, thanks for all the hard work!

Thanks so much. You have all out done yourselves.