Feb 2024 Blog Train - Working

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Feb 2024 Blog Train - Working

If anyone has any theme suggestions for this palette please share them below!

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

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Thanks Elizabeth! smiley

I am doing coloring for my theme smiley

Sounds fun Sarah!



When I see this color palette I am thinking about the first hyacinths and other springflowers

I will make a Groundhog kit! I could not make a kit last month and I am happy to make one this month with a funny theme smiley

These colors were delightful to work with.

I love the colors! Awesome flamingos Nilie! Lovely flowers Di!
On the Bible Journal Classes Blog Feburary1, 2024.

Wow, these are really great! I have mine, but the colors aren't as pretty as the ones you all picked. But since they're templates, I didn't go back and change the colors. These will be avail the first of Feb.

Plain templates. No shadows, layered .psd files. I was toying with the idea of adding some things to put on them - Lincoln's birthday, Valentine's day, stuff like that, but I didn't. Or perhaps I should say I haven't yet.

Beautiful colors! My part:

And Journal Cards!

What a lively train shaping up for February! Here is what I will have available for the 1st.

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