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Jan 2022 Blog Train - Working

The themes listed are OPTIONAL. You are free to choose whatever works for you. Also, you don't have to use all the colors.

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

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Fun Palette!!

ACO File

ACO Ltd File

This palette is perfect! My DIL is expecting my first grandchild with a due date of Jan 8th, so I expect I'll have a bunch of brand-new baby boy pictures to scrap, as well as photos of the blanket my mother-in-love is creating for him. (She loves to crochet and makes about a dozen afghans a year for every new baby in the family, so she's thrilled to have a project. My crochet skills are...mediocre at best.) Some of the palette colors are even close to the blanket's color palette, so it'll be perfect for scrapping the finished blanket.

Awww Congrats Holly!! I had already planned to do a "Woolen Mill" theme with this palette for all things woolen which would include mittens, hats, blankets, yarn & sheep. Maybe a baby addon with baby booties & baby hats would be good too since sheep and babies do so well together too! smiley smiley

@Holly: Congratulations! And what a great due date for your first grandchild to be born! My birthday also happens to be on January 8th! smiley

@Jessica: I love your plans with this palette! Sheep and babies indeed go perfectly together. I can't wait to see the beautiful kits you will create!

@Sharon: I'm kind of hoping he shows up on MY birthday (December 31st) so he can share with his grandma and great-aunt! We've also got a December 3rd and a December 26th for other family birthdays coming up to his due date (and if he's anything like his father, the 3rd isn't all that far-fetched; my water broke exactly a month before my son's official due date).

@Elizabeth Minkus: Thank you for the aco files! smiley
@Holly Wolf: Congratulations, smiley . So sweet.
Thinking about it, yes Holly! It seems families have birthday seasons, our's is also in December and January. Then other families have all their birthdays in July and August. smiley

@Jessica Dunn: cannot wait to see smiley

Gorgeous, smart colors! Love them.

So sweet of you @Sharon & @Bina! smiley Thank you! Can't wait to see what everyone does too! I am looking forward to working on this bundle!

@Holly Being born on December 31 cool. Perfect for tax season on where you can claim a child for that year. My niece was born on December 31st, which is awesome!

This is subject to change....

ohhh Karry it's so beautiful )))))

Very sweet and elegant, Karry!

Holly: Congratulations! smiley

Very beautiful colors palette ! smiley

Beautiful Karry!!


@Holly Wolf: Congratulations! Your first grand child and in this season is wonderful! smiley
@Karry Dempsey: your kit is lovely!
@Jessica: I can't wait to see your kit!

I am working into another direction: a Happy New Year's Kit!

Hey! I'm going to join the blog train for the first time! I'll get the graphics ready soon. I love the color palettes! smiley

Love everything I'm seeing so far! My New Year's Resolution is to work less and paint more. Of course, that's what I said last year, too. We'll see....


there comes anticipation smiley

I love these colors. I used all of the bright colors to make a big kit and then felt like I completely ignored the subtle colors, so this kit is with all of the subtle colors, but now I'm realizing like the two kits don't even look like they go together. Doh!

Ladies, everything is so amazing already. Sonia yo handled the bright colors so well, and Karry I love all of the textures. Robin and Diane, beautiful as always ladies. I love how you have consistent styles that always go well with the theme. Laura those will be so great to make the layering in layouts. I hope that everyone has a happy holiday!

Marisa, the link to the logo goes to the Pixel Scrapper Logo, not the Digital Scrapbook Logo.

This is what I have so far. I'm not sure I'll be able to add anything else as it's such a hectic month.

This will be on my facebook...

very nice indeed!

The first thing I thought of when I saw the palette was cupcakes, so I went with it. (Thanks especially for Kelly for the pep talk to finish this!)

Build your own cupcakes was a great idea Becky!!!

This will be on my blog on January 1, 2022.

DS-BT-January2022-Preview-02 by Sharon G, on Flickr

Sharon - Try this link....Maybe?

Amanda, thank you so much. It worked I was able to download it and it saved as a .png file. Thank you again, I appreciate your time. smiley


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