Jan 2023 Blog Train - Comments

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Jan 2023 Blog Train - Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until January 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

Ahh......everything looks so soft and cozy.
Thank you for all your hard work, everyone!
I'm sorry I didn't join this month as a designer, but time didn't allow.
Hopefully for February. smiley

💖 Thank you all for so many lovelies again! 💖
I'm counting down to the 1st. It's like Christmas for me. Can't wait!
✨ Happy New Year all!! ✨

You are all awesome... I cannot get enough of all these beautiful creations! Super thanks!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated this month! Terrific job! So much fun for the winter kits and the baby ones are too adorable. Happy New Year, everyone!

Thank you so much or all these wonderful creations! smiley smiley

Love the contributions to the train. Thank you ladies!

Thank you to all the designers for sharing your lovely work!

The kits this month are spectacular! This color palette is so icy and wintry. Thank you all! Smiles, Beth dezines2amaze.com

Thank you all so much for your beautiful contributions!!!

I am 100% addicted to the blog train!!!! Infinite thanks to the designers for doing this... living in Brazil with the dollar valoue up in the sky, I would never be able to digiscrap without these invaluable contributions!!!!!!!!!! You are all awesome!!!!!!

Thanks for all the cute goodies!

I am especially happy that Sonia (SScraps) is healthy again and will be back in the new year,
Happy New Year smiley

Thank you all so much for sharing, and all the work you put into these great Kits.

Thanks a bunch for all these wonderful designs/gifts !! They are delightful smiley

Thank you so much for this wonderful blogtrain! smiley

This was an amazing combination of colors!!!
Thank you for gifting us with such beautiful minis.

I have an observation about the "Final list" thread. There should be a way to prevent comments from anyone except the admins and the designers. There is a SPECIAL comments thread to thank, ask, talk, etc. Seeing so many comments in the final list is too much, I think.

Maybe it's just me, maybe anybody else doesn't care. But I think that there's a "Comments" thread for a reason.

Sorry for my rant and have a wonderful start of 2023!!!

I also have to give my thanks to you, the people who download the designers' artwork and give us - to designers- words of support and thanks, because it is also very important to know that you like the things we create and that you are here when we are not very well, and this makes us happy too!! Millions of thanks to you and this wonderful community of Digitalscrapbook! smiley

Sonia, I hope you get well soon. Warm wishes of being healthy!

I second Sonia's sentiment... I greatly appreciate everyone who downloads my kits. I'm nowhere near a professional, but I love designing for DS's blog trains. I know they're huge kits, but I just can't seem to help myself. lol I get on a roll and want to keep going and add more goodies. Seeing how many downloads there are at the end of the month is most humbling and joyful. smiley smiley

Also, thank you to the late-comers to the train! Better late than never! lol

I love huge kits!lol The "huger", the better!

So do I! I like to have choices.

Ladies, I am always inspired by the creativity and different styles of everyone. I love it all! As always I am thankful to the designers, the scrapbook layout artists and Marisa!

Thank you all for such lovely contributions!! The baby portions are very timely, as my husband gave me the goal of getting all of the half-finished pocket albums from the first few years of our marriage turned into digital pages so I can print them in the sleeker photo books he likes, which means redoing all of my oldest's baby pictures. And the winter stuff is making me hope that we actually get some snow this year so I can scrap that!

Robyn, I can't get over how many lovely papers you were able to create on a last-minute whim. Seriously.

Fabulous blogtrain to start 2023 - thank you to all the designers smiley

Thanks for the lovely winter baby contributions. I appreciate all the time and creativity you spend to offer these blog train offerings.

Thanks to all who contributed to this month's train! smiley

Thanks you so much to all designers )))))

Amazing blog train - what a great start to 2023. Many thanks to all the designers who took part x

Thank you to all of the designers who participated in this month's blog train. You are all so generous and I love to see how each of you interprets the color palette.

Thank you to all the designers for these abosolutely gorgeous kits. Thanks for all the hard work, it is really appreciated.

Ladies, thank you so much for the amazing contributions!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!!