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Jan 2024 Blog Train - Working

I tried to get a poll up so we could vote on palettes for the new year, but the poll wasn't working for me. I hope to get one up soon for future palettes, but January is getting weirdly close!

The suggested theme for January is dogs, cats and pets.

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

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graphic says dots.


Wonderful colors! I will try to make a mini, though my little one Tommy - a cat- passed away some months ago and I am still sad... Thanks God I have my neighbors (and friends) who have three dogs and a cat and they let me stay with them sometimes! Tanos is the biggest dog they had and he loves me! Each time we meet, I'm sure he notices my sadness and comes with me. I am also in love with Tanos! Pets are not just animals, they are part of our family, and I am pretty sure you feel the same! For me, not only my neighbors Silvia and Eric are my friends and family, but also the "little ones" Tanos, Cora, Lluna and the lovely orange cat Stark are my family, too! smiley smiley

Love these colors!

Beautiful colors!