July 2023 Blog Train - Working

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July 2023 Blog Train - Working

The OPTIONAL theme for July is summer, beach, travel.

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

Please make sure this logo is visible on your preview:
DigitalScrapbook.com Blog Train Logo

I'm pretty sure I haven't posted this yet.

Thank you, Elizabeth!

Wow! love this palette! smiley

smiley Gorgeous colors!!! Many thanks also for the aco, Elizabeth.

Bina - You are so quick! lol Loving all those ice creams!


Is it too late for me to join in the July & August trains?
I am not quite sure how it works yet, but would love learn.
Is there a limit on what you can share?
* I love the color charts & themes indeed!

When will these be due?
Also, what are these " ACO File & ACO Ltd Files? "

Bina! You are SO quick!
Your two pieces are sweeet!

@Jenifer It's never too late really, even if the month had already begun. The blog trains are a very self paced, relaxed kind of thing. And this thread is just the working folder for previews anyway just to give us peek at what everyone is designing - which is completely optional btw. The 'Final List' which Marisa adds closer to the beginning of the new month is where you put your links and final preview for people to download.

There really isn't a limit. Most offer a mini kit, paper pack or some other small-ish kit. But I have known many to give away very large bundles which is perfectly fine too. smiley

ACO files are the color palette files for Adobe Photoshop which incidentally stands for 'Adobe Colors'. If you double click on one directly it should open in adobe and load the blog train colors in the swatches area of photoshop. Then you can just use that instead of trying to add the colors manually each time you create something.

Hope this helps! smiley

ETA: They are generally due on the 1st of the month. But if you miss that you can always add it throughout the month.

Thank you so much Jessica! ❥
This has helped indeed!
I look forward to giving back, every chance I get.

My stash of elements is quite small yet,
so I am grateful for the things that I have been able to download here.
I have been looking frantically online for good places to stock up on them,
but the list is quite small. HaHaHa

Marisa said " Limited Palette " on the colors.
Does this mean that the only colors that can be used are those?

Bina's are so full of the colors, awesome indeed!

Limited Palette just means if you find the palette has too many colors to work with you can go with the "limited palette" as a suggestion.

But any number or arrangement of colors of the palette is fine. I usually find the colors the speak to me and use those. Sometimes its all of them and sometimes its only a specific few.

Have fun!

You have been most kind Jess, thank you! ❥
I look forward to hopping on that "Train"!

Happy to help! smiley And look forward to your creations!

If PSP users would want the palette for their program, I have it as a freebie on my blog.

Thank you, Carole. If you hadn’t made the swatches, I wouldn’t have had them open and handy to make a kit for the blogtrain! I never realized how much I hated typing hex codes, LOL!

Interesting palette for this month. When I looked at the right half, I imagined one theme. When I looked at the left half, I imagined something totally different. The left half won!

Here is my part: Great Summer, it will be available on my blog the first of July 2023

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