June 2023 Blog Train - Final List

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June 2023 Blog Train - Final List

Sign up below with your lovely contributions to this month's blog train.

If you'd like to leave comments, questions, thanks, etc, please do so in this post.

Please post the following in this thread:

  1. Preview Image
  2. Link to your blog or direct link to the freebie if you don't have a blog.

Your part of the blog train does not need to be live until June 1.

Please note that if you are having problems with one of the links, please contact that designer directly. I have no control over their portions. Remember to be polite because they've worked hard to make something wonderful, for free. :)

Also, if you're claiming a spot for later, when you're ready to post your part, please post it at the end of the list so people can find it easily. I'll delete your reserve comment.

***Only post in this thread if you are posting a link to your part for the blog train.***

on my blog:

Here is my part. will be online on June 1st on my Blog & Commons

Here is my contribution

Download Elements+Flowers here
Download Papers+Cards here

Download from my BLOG

Here is my part for this June Blog Train, you can download it from my blg: Digiscrap Angelhaze

Cute little Gypsy Cove Mini kit! Available June 1, 2023 <--- already?!? Find it HERE on the blog.

Download on my blog, SCRAPS OF SUNSHINE ENJOY!

My maiden post - it's taken me a long time to get this much.

(Obviously the method for posting photos has eluded me.)

Here is the link. I think.
PM me if you try this and it doesn't work. I have never used dropbox before to share folders. https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/938obtx011pzkpliijw2m/h?dl=0&rlkey=r97c19okadh1sjmekc3osi2t7


Here is a link to a second hosting site.


And my part is here smiley

Well, my friends, I have some sad news.
My husband died this past Saturday, at the age of 54, from brain cancer that was only diagnosed Sept 21st of last year.
This kit is an attempt to express what I'm feeling right now, and hopefully it will be useful to you as well.

MEGA download links:
Elements https://mega.nz/file/D5BnFT5S#g53uo-Ehd5qQiL9yf9enetL585PDzpsJY3piQw-Tmko
Papers https://mega.nz/file/XgJxiCbJ#qq3A9MPtkI3Y_tNo_rhz1tQl3Z0ugsRTyNxQ3TaqML0

Thanks to all the designers for this wonderful blog train!
Lisel Riz, my sympathies, I'm so sorry for your loss.

I'm so sorry for your lost. Sending prayers.
Thanks to everyone for the absolutely beautiful designs.

Lisel, I'm SO very sorry to hear your sad news. I will keep you in my prayers. Sending you a sisterly {{hug}}.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Lisel, I am so sorry to hear about your husband. Peace and comfort for your family is my prayer for you.

Thank you.

Father, thank you for the blessing of marriage and family that you gift to us. I lift up Lisel and her family to You in this time of grief and mourning. Bring comfort, peace and healing through the power of Your Holy Spirit. Embrace Lisel in Your arms of grace and mercy and hold her close to You. In the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Dear Lisel,
my heartfelt sympathy, as a former intensive care nurse in a neurosurgery unit I know what you and your family have been through. God bless and comfort you. I hope you have hope of a reunion.

I will use your kit to frame pictures of a friend's funeral service and give the scrap to her husband.

smiley smiley smiley

Thank you, Doska.

I am so very sorry to read this. My thoughts and prayers are with you Lisel.

Thank you, Sharin.

I'm so sorry for you loss, Lisel. smiley

Thank you, Michele

Lisel, I am also so sorry to hear about your loss.

Thank you, Sonia. smiley smiley

Lisel, bless your heart.
I am so very sorry.
May the months ahead be filled with lovely memories and an occasional smile.
* I too, lost a husband at such a young age.
Please feel free to message me if you need a friend.

Thank you, Jenifer.
I'm so sorry you've gone through this as well.


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