June 2023 Blog Train - Working

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June 2023 Blog Train - Working

The theme for June is travel & summer.

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

Please make sure this logo is visible on your preview:
DigitalScrapbook.com Blog Train Logo

Would someone mind putting the hexcodes on the preview image for me?

Such a lovely, big color palette! smiley
Here is the preview image with the hexcodes on it:

Huge palette! Great shades and variety! I'm going to have problems picking only a few of them. smiley

Thanks Sharon-Dewi!

I love the limited palette with the addition of the pale yellow… I’m super excited to see what all the designers come up with

ACO File

ACO Ltd File

Lovely variation in colours. I look forward to this.

Fantastic colors, many thanks Marisa. Thanks for the aco files, Elizabeth.
This is a pdf print file again. But the dl will also have jpg and png files.

Bina, I love those dripping flowers and the pink paper. smiley

So many colors to have fun with! How about a little road trip?

This is my first time with blog train and I don't know if my server will handle it, but I thought about a mini kit like this...

If PSP users would want the palette for their program, I have it as a freebie on my blog.

Here is my part. will be online on June 1st on my Blog & Commons


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