Mar 2022 Blog Train - Comments

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Mar 2022 Blog Train - Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until March 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

Browsing through you other designers' submissions, I'm just tickled!
Love these colors, love the creative take on all of your parts!
Thank you from a fellow addict of digital design!

Hello fellow creators, I am super sorry that my Dezines2amaze website is down. I am working hard to get it back AMD I am sure that I will in some form. Bear with me and wish me luck. Unfortunately, all of the links at this point are broken. If you are desperate for a design that I have made, contact me at [email protected]. I have copies of all my designs. Woot woot! I have a new website in the works called as I have moved into this stage of my life and know many of you are too. Wink wink. Watch out for some up and coming freebies. Can't keep a good designer down. Take care and thank you all for such amazing designs. Xoxoxo

Thanks to all the designers for their hard work and beautiful, creative gifts! You are appreciated!! Susan

Thank you all very much for your work. This has been a blog with very varied contributions. You are awesome!!! 👌🌹

Thank you so much everyone for all the gorgeous contributions to the blog train!

Thank you so much!!!!

Phyllis Storm, thanks for all of your beautiful artwork!!! Good luck in your future endeavors.

Another month with a great blogtrain! Thank you so much! smiley

I didn't have time to put together a kit but I did create some subtle pattern papers that coordinate. They are posted in the commons, if you're interested.

Many thanks to all of you talented designers!

I'm having trouble downloading Marisa's baby mini. When I click on it, it blinks and goes nowhere. Help, please?

Thank you!

I actually started working on a pocket page kit based on this color scheme and wasn’t able to finalize it in time. I love all the submissions. I love the wide array of really cool color combinations people pulled out of this very versatile pallet. It is all very inspiring.

@Susan copy the link address to her mini. Paste into your browser, but where it says http:// add an s to it so it shows https:// then click enter and it should download for you. Recently there was a change in the way browsers handle downloads from non-https links.

Meagan -- you should put it in the Commons!

Thanks to everyone for your lovely designs, as always!

A few more specific comments:

Kelly - I can guarantee your mini will get used by me. The aquarium that we usually end up at once a year or so heavily features sharks, so this was a fun theme!

Phyllis - your designs will be missed here!

Dawn - I somehow missed that you'd contributed last month, but I'm glad to see that you're designing here again. I always enjoy your designs.

Billie - the sparkly corset stickers are so fun!

Robyn - I always enjoy your watercolor paper packs. They're so vibrant and versatile.

Here's my special thanks to my special fave at PS after reading on her blog, that this March22-BT is her last. I read this with great regret, but I respect her decision.

So here is my graphic thanks and farewell to "Magnolia".

Credits: Most from Magnolia-BT's, saphirgem by me, Font: Selfie.

Great idea!!

@DeAnn - Thank you!

@Becky - Thank you!

@Doska St. - Thank you for the lovely card and comments!

I updated my link! Sorry again I forgot to add the s to the link. It should work now just by clicking on it.

Thank you for sharing your talent. Your creations are beautiful.❤️❤️❤️

thanks to all designers )))

Love these, thank you!

Thank you to all the designers for being so generous!!

Thank you, everyone!! Awsome train. smiley

Thank you to all the designers! Your generosity is truly amazing!!

Thank you to the designers for everything provided!

Thank you everyone for your lovely contributions once again.