Mar 2022 Blog Train - Working

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Mar 2022 Blog Train - Working

The themes listed are OPTIONAL. You are free to choose whatever works for you. Also, you don't have to use all the colors.

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

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Nice pallet, Marisa! So pretty. I hope I can participate in the BT for March.

Agreed a very pretty palette Marisa, tho Autumn will be stuck in my head with these colors lol! By the way there are two 905262's (the plum purples) in the palette. Did you intend for a different color in the one of their places?

I just did the purple twice I think! It is weirdly fall, but the last couple of palettes have been pretty bright, so I wanted to switch it up.

Good to know - thanks! And it will still work beautifully for spring! I'm just "always dreaming of fall" lol! smiley

Smart swatch.

Thank you Elizabeth!!

yes, thanks Elizabeth. So helpful!

@Kelly and @Sarah you're very welcome smiley

Thank you!

Gorgeous, Tricia!

Thank you so much for these, Elizabeth smiley

Tricia, I love it so much. My husband and I were both engineers so we often feel that life should always work out like calculus or math in general... then came parenting. I can't wait to use those papers!!!

When I first saw these colors, I was thinking Fall, too, Jessica. But, then I started thinking where have I seen these colors before? And then it hit me -- Casa Corcovado. Those are the colors that sweep through from an orangy-golden sunset right before dusk. I should have called this kit "Jungle Bliss", but I didn't think too many people would be able to relate.

@ Kelly smiley My husband and I are both engineers as well! My youngest is in Calculus this year and it prompted me to make the papers.

smiley You made our day. I'm sure your kids are similar to ours, they wish all of their classes could be math and science and never have to worry about grammar. Have a great weekend!

My husband was an engineer. I am 180 from that. Zero room in my brain for calculus. smiley Great colors Marrisa.

Here is my part. I'm so ready for spring and lots of sunshine, thus the name of the kit smiley

Dawn, I'm ready for spring, too. I'm trying to figure out how the sun can shine so bright, and yet it's below 0 outside. There's just something wrong about that. i love the bead ring in your kit.
Robin, your owls are the perfect finishing touch to your kit.
Tricia, calculus is beyond my math abilities. My daughter says it's "fun". I just shake my head.

I love the green and purple colours. Nice.

Beautiful kits, everyone!

I'm working on a bundle for this (again!), and couldn't decide on which watercolour papers to include in it. Until I had a brainwave: Use the surplus papers for the blog train (there's 70 of them!), and have the coordinating regular bundle as an additional download!

This paper bundle, and the regular bundle will be available from my blog on March 01:

Now I'd better get back to designing the other bundle! smiley

I am giving myself a gold shiny star for getting this done before the first of the month for once! (If there was an award for procrastinating--I'd be the Grand Champion--just sayin'!) I honestly don't know what got into me this time. I saw the pretty palette Marisa picked for us this month and read the suggestion we could possibly do "garden" kits and I was in Photoshop faster than you can say "Let's have a glass of lemonade on the lanai!" It's so bleak and gray and cold here in Nebraska this time of year, that it was a real treat to play with flowers and leaves and dirt even if it was only pixels representing them in Photoshop.

Thanks to Marisa for the pretty colors she always puts together for us and the inspiration to not be my usual Procrastinating Princess.

Thanks to Elizabeth Minkus for always providing the oh-so-handy (and much appreciated) ACO files. You are awesome for doing that chore for us and I just can't thank you enough. Makes getting to the designing so much faster and easier.

Tricia: I don't know what foreign language you used to make your kit with, but it's pretty. Like hieroglyphics from Ancient Egypt or something. smiley I barely got through high school geometry and algebra, so calculus is definitely a "foreign language" to me. Love the colors you picked to combine out of the full palette. Really rich and appealing--like jewels or expensive brocade fabrics.

Diane: My fingers are itching to download all that prettiness you've created. Those colors and funky flowers/designs are so fresh and fun! Let me at 'em. Is it March 1st yet? smiley How 'bout now? "Garden Bliss" is such a cute and appropriate name. Love everything about this kit.

Robin: So soft and so pretty. I just love seeing everyone's personal take on the palette, and your color combos are just plain sweet! Like those owls! Oh, my goodness . . . I do love owls. I also love how fun your collection of printed papers is and I look forward to getting my greedy little paws on them and using them when I scrap. (Is it March 1st noooooooow???) smiley

Dawn: "Here Comes the Sun." What a lovely thought and name for your kit. Yes, I am with you on wishing Spring here as quickly as possible. I won't even complain that I now have the Beatles singing that song in my head on repeat. I will just hum along and tell you your pretty pastel kit celebrating sun and warmth and spring and birdies building nests and flowers poking out of the soil is ADORABLE!

Bina: Your take on things is always so unique and exciting to see. Your style is so recognizably "you" every time I see another kit or page you've designed. I mean that as a huge compliment and I aspire to one day find "my style" and have it be as recognizable and appealing as your gorgeous stuff is. I've never been to Manilla but you've got my attention and that won't stop me from downloading this kit and using every little delicious piece of it. smiley

Robyn: Okay, come clean. You have a basement full of very talented elves with PCs that help you design all this stuff for us, right? Don't tell me any different, please, 'cause I am so envious of how generous you are with your talents! Your watercolor papers are the bomb and there are just so many of them . . . I am overwhelmed (in a very good way) and delighted and want them in my stash as soon as possible. Thanks so much for going above and beyond for us and please tell all those little Photoshopping elves of yours that I said "Hi!" smiley

It's gonna be another amazing Blog Train and I thank each and every one of you for contributing in such amazing fashion. You all Rock the scrapbooking life HARD! *throws horns*

Oh Annette,
You said it so well about everyone's designs. I have to admit I cannot wait to see what everyone designs all month. I probably check back way more than I should to be productive! I love that everyone does have their own unique style. I think because I pocket scrapbook I very rarely use blended and vintage papers, but I think they are probably my favorite. Hopefully I learn to make/use them. Your gardening word art is amazing and I can't wait to use it. It is much prettier than the gardening I do with my kids smiley. It was my son's birthday and he, in all of his 8 year old glory, is obsessed with sharks, so we went to the Aquarium. This kit doesn't really fit in with any of the other themes, but hopefully it will help anyone else with a shark/ocean obsessed loved one.

Annette, I love your kit. I'm an outside person, not just for all of my animals, but because I love gardening and dirt under my nails smiley I have a lot of tropical plants in the house as well, so I pretty much "garden" all year long even though I live in the upper midwest. This is summer for them, so they're all starting to bloom. Your word art is going to be perfect to make little signs in my greenhouse.

Here is my contribution, will be on my FB page on March 1st

Of course there are pocket cards

Such a fine array of kits already lined up for March!

Here is what I will have come March 1st.


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