Mar 2023 Blog Train - Working

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Mar 2023 Blog Train - Working

The themes listed are OPTIONAL. You are free to choose whatever works for you. Also, you don't have to use all the colors.

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

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Getting an early start. Will post as I finish making stuff.


According to March is National Peanut Month smiley

And for St Patrick's Day w/ Christina:

Hey, everyone! I'm going to do a St. Patrick's Day kit. I was wondering if anyone wants to join me? This is the palette I picked, but I'm open to switching it up if someone is interested in doing a collab.

@Christiana- sounds like fun. I can make a mini in those colors smiley

Awesome, Tricia! I'm so glad someone is interested. smiley

I will join in Christina. I was thinking St. Patricks day is perfect idea. I make papers & word art but i'm learning how to make elements.
If that works for you, count me in.

Wendy: Whatever works for you, works for me! Happy to have you on board! smiley

Super cute, Tricia! Loving the texture on the flowers and that paper on the left is awesome.

Thanks Christina. For the flowers I actually made them and then took pictures/extracted. I liked that the paper had great texture. The Lucky pattern paper is a freebie:

I will do a mini too for the collab.

Tricia: Oh, wow...awesome that you made those flowers yourself. I couldn't download the paper freebie. Seems as though the link to download is broken.

Thanks, Sara for joining! I'm glad I'm not the only one doing St. Patrick's Day!

wow this is looking so good. Love the St. Patricks Lucky Mini kit, Tricia!

Christina, I had the same issue with d/l free paper but I used a diff web browser ie. Firefox and the download worked fine.

I did make the link in firefox. If you search in your browser for "Miss Tiina Lucky Freebie" the link should pop up for you. (Make sure you put the double 'ii' in Tiina). She actually has tons of great freebies!
And if you subscribe to her newsletter she sends out free fonts with every one before putting them in her store

I cellebrate that you are going to make a collab! My idea was different: I thought I could make a "basics" kit. I am working on it (work in progress) Something related to home but with a touch of mixed media:

Love the color scheme, Sonia, and the cardboard leaves.

This my part of the Collab. I love this colour palette.

Love it Wendy. My favorites are the plaid, the knot shape, and the scatter. The pussy-willow is also so pretty!

That is awesome, Wendy! Love it all!

I'm still working on mine. I'm trying to keep it small, but I'm having difficulties with deciding what to make and what not to make for elements, so I don't feel like it's coming together properly. smiley

Thank you Tricia & Christina. smiley I got some inspiration from daily gifts. They had cute 'Freebie' st. patricks day mini clusters but I didn't attempt to make any. lol

March 23 Blog Train Preview

St. Patrick's Day Collab mini

Ladies all of these are incredible!

Yes, it is amazing!
My part is already finished:

Tricia -- you have to create the old "Mr. Peanut" to go with your kit smiley
Tricia -- your kit is so peaceful and calming -- love it!

Rain, sleet and then snow all in one day makes a good time for scrapbooking inside smiley

Beautiful job Ladies. I need to learn to make cardboard. I love your elements Sonia esp. the black flower/paper.

Diane, you make the colours come to Life! Very vibrant and I love your flowers.

Diane, for you...I will either add him to the preview or put him in commons...but's WAY past my bedtime!!

UPDATE: Added to preview 2/16/23

too cute! Love him

Tricia -- Mr. Peanut is perfect! You put the smile on my face this morning!

Mel: Nice touch of elegance.
Sonia: I love the neutral colors and all the cardboard.
Diane: I love that bird!

Unfortunately on the preview, you can't see the detail of the font on the word snippets. It has shamrock cutouts all over.

Thank you, Christina! I love how cheerful your St. Patrick's day kit is!


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