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@Christina - Kit turned out great!!

@Christina, such a great kit! My favorites are the butterfly, the ribbon, the paper in the upper right, and the stamp. My guys are always up to shenanigans, so the word bits will be fun to use as well.

@Dianne, I'm glad you like the peanut man smiley I love your bird and the stitched butterflies, but your kits are always great!

@Sonia, I love butterflies, and yours is no exception...I also love the stitches and the monochrome is so versatile.

@Mel, pretty kit. I especially like the gem and the button as well as your green paper.

@Sarah, the heart brush is so useful.

@Elizabeth, as ALWAYS smiley thanks for the ACO...that is extremely helpful

wow your St. Patty kit is gorgeous!

Diane you have such a distinct style! I love it. Those curly ferns are so simple, yet stunning.

Thanks, Tricia! I'm learning so much and I do love my sparkly trinkets!

You're welcome, and thank you, Mel!

Looking fantastic ladies! Love this palette Marisa!

I went with a vintagey Coffee & Donuts theme...

Thank you Sarah and Tricia!

Jessica, I love this! I'm a big fan of coffee and donuts in the morning.


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