May 2022 Blog Train - Working

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May 2022 Blog Train - Working

The themes listed are OPTIONAL. You are free to choose whatever works for you. Also, you don't have to use all the colors.

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

Please make sure this logo is visible on your preview: Blog Train Logo

I adore this palette!!

the hex codes aren't matching the colors even close. Which one are correct, the colors or the codes?

@Jody: I think I forgot to change the codes! smiley I'll do that right now and update it.

It's fixed!


Beautiful palette!! Love this!

ACO File

ACO Limited File

Thank you for the beautiful color palette, Marisa, Queen of the Rainbow! smiley This group of colors makes me itch to get started.

And thank you, Elizabeth Minkus, for that handy-dandy ACO file. You make my life so much easier and I appreciate it! smiley

You're welcome @Annette, I enjoy making them smiley

I have to agree with Annette, the colors are beautiful and Elizabeth you are a Queen among women for always doing that for everyone!

Thank you Kelly! I'm happy making them smiley

I'm pretty sure I'm going to pick actual rainbow colors for June, so be warned smiley

I am already there! smiley

I'm always a fan of rainbow palettes! smiley

Thank you so much for these, Elizabeth smiley

March 19 -- It was 60 degrees 2 days ago, but today it's 20 and snowing again. I really can't wait until spring!

I’ll contribute this month!! The palette is amazing…

love the fresh look of this Bina! I love dragonflies!

Thank you for this lovely palette Marisa, and thank you for the aco, Elizabeth! I love your kits so far... As usual, Bina, you rock it!
Mine here:

Thank you, Alli! smiley

Thank you! Oh wow, so beautiful, Sonia, I love cherries and your kit looks absolutely delish.

I gotta say, this one came a bit easier than the last one.

Here is mine, it would be available at May 1st in my FB

I'm a little mental blocked this month, but I did have time to practice making plaids since I love them. So I made a little paper pack with matching labels.

I loved this palette so much!
I started making my kit, and then went a completely different direction than I originally planned.
So, several things I created didn't make it into the actual kit.
I'll be adding those to the Commons.

Designers, these kits are amazing! I am always so excited to see everyone's mini kit each month!

Apparently I felt the world needed yet another rodeo themed kit.

I don't know why.

I will put mine here. Every creation is beautiful!


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