May 2023 Blog Train - Comments

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May 2023 Blog Train - Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until May 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

I just took a sneak peek, and I'm LOVING the new goodies!
Cannot wait for May 1 !!!!
You are all SO talented!
Thank you, thank you!
💖 💖 💖

Thanks for the blog train freebies. Such fun colors!

I am grateful to everyone for their generous hearts and their awesome kits!

Just a comment for Tee Bee:
Your full kit looks amazing, but the actual freebie is not posted on your preview, and it should be, since THAT is what you are giving away.
Thank you for your freebie, as it is adorable!

I moved Susan's comment here. Susan is a new member. Welcome, @Susan Kolarik and thank you for the sweet comment.

Very nice colorpalette and Themes smiley


Thank you so much!

Thank you all so much.

Thank you very much to all designers for their job & generosity ))))
and thanks so much Bina to share a digital version )))))))))

Thank you all so much for your lovely designs! I'm really impressed with everyone's kits.

Thank you for sharing! Beautiful!

Thank you for sharing! I'm excited to play with these gorgeous goodies!

As usual the blog train rocks! Thanks everyone!

Thanks so much for all the wonderful goodies.

Thank you all so much for your lovely goodies! So many bright and happy colors.

Hi Lisel, I'm not sure what you mean, because I think what you are calling the full kit is the preview that I have posted here at DS, which is free, plus there is also an add-on once you get to my blog, which is also free (but I didn't use the blog train logo on it). If you only downloaded one, then you can still go back and get the other one. I hope this helps!

Such love for scrapbooking is shown in each kit!
Lovely colors and precious themes!
Thank you ever so much for sharing! ❥

✿ I hope to participate in one soon!
" As we work to create light for others,
we naturally light our own way "
Mary Anne Radmacher

Thank you to all the designers this month for their beautiful kits. Looking forward to playing with them x

so, I thought I posted a message already but when I looked it was gone so let me try this again thank you all so much you all and such a wonderful job and they look amazing you are all incredibly talented thank you so much it's always fun to see all your idea!

Oh, Tricia, I am SO SORRY!
I misunderstood!

I see my error.
Thank you!

No apologies needed whatsoever, Lisel! I'm glad you can get the other portion that you might not have gotten yet. You're very welcome. smiley

thank you so much

Thank you very much to all the generous designers for their awesome kits.

Thank You bunches smiley

Thank you to all of you, who so willingly share these...You are incredibly talented!

Thank you so much to all the contributors. I love all your work.

Thank you all so much for the lovelies.

Thank you!

Thank you smiley

Thank you all so much for sharing your beautiful work. I send you all light, love and encouragement to keep your talents growing and evolving to new heights.