May 2023 Blog Train - Working

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May 2023 Blog Train - Working

The OPTIONAL theme for May is birthday.

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I've tried doing a birthday kit 13 years ago (I just checked the file data lol) and it didn't come out so good. In fact, it was terrible and I swore I would never attempt another birthday kit. I kept only the cupcake as a reference point if I ever changed my mind, which I haven't. smiley Anyway, the palette is fantastic! So many colors, so little time! Red is my favorite color, but it's rarely used. I saw that April is Spring and Easter, but maybe May flowers. Or, better yet, Memorial, white, blue, black, and the grays. Anyone else interested in Memorial Day?

ACO File

ACO Ltd File

Thanks for this swatch and the aco, Marisa and Elizabeth. Love all the colors. @Marisa: Is there a tag for previous swatches or a place where they are all sitting?

Most of the palettes can be found here.


Maybe this year... We had a birthday train in May 2015 or so, and I was starting to work on it then, when I found out my cousin was diagnosed with cancer literally 3 days before her birthday and given 2 weeks to live. I bawled my eyes out every time I tried to work on it after that, so I didn't really get anything out for that one; maybe this time it's been long enough to revisit the theme.

Christina, I made a birthday kit and I said I would never make another one again! It was mostly red, which is also my favorite color! As I am Spanish I dont' want to make a kit about Memorial Day because I don't want to make something that could be wrong and hurt feelings... any other idea?

Holly, I am so sorry to hear that...I hope you could finish your kit about birthday. If not, we could think about another theme, as I asked Christina!

Sonia, I completely understand about not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings. While other countries have their own remembrance days, Memorial Day is indeed specific to the US. Mother's Day is on May 14th, so that could be an option. It's celebrated worldwide and, therefore, wouldn't exclude anyone.

Oh, Holly... I am so very sorry. Perhaps think of the kit as homage to her and her life. Use her favorite color or add her favorite type of flower. Maybe that will help you revisit it and finish it.

I am so sorry, Holly! smiley

But so happy to see you here! smiley

I'm thinking Cinco de Mayo, even though I'm American! smiley The colors are still festive and remind me of a fiesta (party - doesn't have to be a birthday party)! Also, my kid just got back from a mission trip building a house in Mexico for a local family there so I have some photos to scrap that would fit that.

Omg! I'm working on a Mother's Day and Bina Green seems to have a similar idea! Take a look:

Sonia: Oh, wow! You and Bina are on the same wavelength! Coordinates well together!

Well, here's a "sneak peek" preview of what I have so far...not sure what's going to make the cut yet...