Nov 2021 Blog Train - Comments

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Nov 2021 Blog Train - Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until November 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

Oh Designers, everything is beautiful. May favorite part of Blog trains is that you get all of these different styles together, it always makes for beautiful creations. Thank you for your hard work. Also Billie, you first time is amazing. Your kit is beautiful and classy and will coordinate with everything. This month of thankfulness has me thinking about how thankful I am for

UPDATE: I couldn't stand it.
I made a kit. Today.

Beautiful creations, all of them. I'm sorry I couldn't participate in this month's train, not enough time to fit all of my responsibilities in AND the fun stuff of creating art! Work has been kicking my butt! Anyway, BEAUTIFUL kits, all! Thank you!

I just made mine today, Lisel, so don't feel bad. I've been dying to get back into designing but life has been so hectic. Work is also kicking my butt. I'm full time now plus we're totally short-handed all the time. It's crazy! Finally managed a small mini today so yay!

And Tina, your kit looks awesome! Thanks for the encouragement!

thanks to all designers for there jobs and generosity ))))

@Karry Dempsey the link of your participation is not the good link LOL it's the link of october BT smiley

Wow! Another FABULOUS selection of gorgeous scrapping goodies.
Thanks again to everyone for all your hard work and generosity.


Every single designer did an amazing job this month. I am blown away! Beautiful, just beautiful.

Many thanks to all the designers - awesome collection! Will bring lots of smiles for many years to come.

I had the wrong link up to my Kit. Here is the proper link.

Fall Bucket List

Thanks Biche, I fixed it.

Thank you to all designers for your gorgeous kits! I can't wait to get scrapping!

Wanted to say thank you ladies!(and I remembered the instructions this time on where to post! smiley ) The colors were amazing and as always you were all so generous. And....Billie Irene you had nothing to be nervous about. I loved your contribution!

Beautiful work, ladies. I love all the kits everyone created.

Thank-you, ladies, for the wonderful art and all your hard work.. your contributions are amazing!!


thank you Ladies for your wonderful November kits. Unfortunately I can't download Marisa's minikit. The link seems to be shortened by a )-sign???
Two other links go today that didn't yesterday. It was probably the time difference.

smiley T*H*A*N*K * Y*O*U*! smiley

Sorry I just saw that I used the old name of the site on my preview. I will pay more attention for the next one.

If you're on a computer, right-click and find the option that says copy link address or something to that effect and then paste it into the address bar. Hit enter and the download should start.

You can also just click the preview image and the download should start that way too.

Hi Candace,

for me, the download of Marisa and Irene started, but there was the info : failed. Only when I then opened the download folder and restarted the download there, then only the kit was completely loaded.

Thank you.

thanks Karry ))))

Amazing!!! thank you all so very very much for the beautiful creations!

@Doska: Billie's kit is also being hosted in the same place as mine. I've noticed that Chrome has been treating my links weirdly lately. You can also try a different browser.

Thanks Marisa,

I already have both of your kits. Billie's kit is also already processed privately (my gallery) Above your comment I described how I could still download it.

@Marisa I am pretty sure if you use https instead of http in your link you will stop seeing this issue. I was having the same problem until I made that change. Even for Billie's link I had to copy the url and paste into a new window for it to download because it lacks the httpS. It was Google who decided to make this change and so pretty much all browsers followed suit - tho I wish they would just ignore what Google does. smiley For awhile the links bitly automatically gave for you to use did not contain the https so I was always getting bad links that way and had to *remember* to change it manually. So if where you copy your link has not updated their end for this you will have to remember to add that silly S.

Hope it helps! smiley

Great kits, everyone! Lovely colors this month! Thank you for all your work.

Everyone did such a lovely job! Love all of the contributions this month. Just downloaded everyone's kits. Looking forward to scrapping this weekend. smiley

Everything looks lovely, and I enjoyed seeing so many new designers in here this month! After last month's design-along, I have a whole new level of appreciation for how much work goes into one of these, and I am seriously in awe of all of you. Especially those of you who keep doing this every month!

@Jessica: Thanks for the reminder!! I think someone told me that once, but it slipped my mind. I'll go update.

I thought you did an amazing job for the October Designer Madness! (I have a few pics I'm going to scrap with it.) You should try to do something, even a mini kit, for the next blog train.

That’s so kind of you to say, Christina! I don’t know if I’d have time to get something together in 2/3 of a month, too bad because I love bright colors, but maybe I can try to get something together for January’s. smiley

It's a fantastic blogtrain again! Thank you so much! smiley