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Nov 2022 Blog Train - Working

The themes listed are OPTIONAL. You are free to choose whatever works for you. Also, you don't have to use all the colors.

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

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These colors made me think "Easter", but my husband asked me to include a turkey.

Your "Easter" turkey smiley is ADORABLE! I mean, the whole kit is, but that turkey has taken my heart. Such a sweet, fun, fresh kit, Tricia. I am also very envious that your husband will look at your kits and offer suggestions. My husband's eyes glaze over and he is gone, when I mention the word "scrapbook." smiley It's okay though, I admit I do the same thing when I hear the word "golf."

Thanks Annette Marie. Actually I was complaining to my husband about the "Easter Colors" and my dislike of pink when he said..."Then you should make a pink turkey." The turkey isn't just pink, but it is in the bright colors. It is my little rebellion, I guess. I prefer traditional (boring) colors. smiley
My husband is the social, talkative one of us. I am the introvert. So, he is up to talking about just about anything! Thankfully he doesn't golf or watch sports teams. His current project is the set construction for our youngest son's fall musical, "Singing in the Rain." My husband loves to design & build stuff, so he 'gets' at least the design part of scrapping.

Well, I love the results of your mini pastel turkey rebellion. smiley My husband is a creative type too, but his is in the form of music. (My "musical" talent is clapping when someone else with talent is done performing.) I guess our differences is what makes life interesting though, right? And I just have to mention that your combination of limited "boring" colors from the blog train palettes is always striking and very appealing. I am always wistful that I could show some restraint and pick just a few colors like you usually do, but alas--color junkie here--and I always end up grabbing them ALL like a two-year-old given free-reign to the cookie jar and end up making a kit that probably makes the viewer wish they had their sunglasses handy. smiley

Looking forward to your "Singing in the Rain" scrapbook pages!

Thank you Annette Marie. Your kits are lovely and you are an amazing designer. Thanks for all your sweet and uplifting comments. I appreciate you and your positivity!

I loved reading these comments ladies!!! Tricia, it is beautiful and I love the paint vibe, it makes me think of the 10 different handprint turkeys I have in our memory bin!!!

Thanks Kelly. That sounded like a fun idea, so I made a hand-print turkey. In commons.

Thats really cool and creative

Oh Wow!!! I'm downloading it right now!!!!!

I'm glad you like it Kelly smiley

Tricia, your handprint turkey is amazing and I am having the best nostalgia vibes for being a teacher's aide and helping kids make a handprint turkey. Thanks so much for sharing. He is all kinds of awesome.

I love non-traditional color palettes. Traditional seasonal colors don't really match my life. Most of the year I'm in Mexico, so I basically always need something bright and cheerful. Then in the summer when everyone is doing bright and cheerful, I'm on the Oregon Coast where it's much moodier smiley

Makes sense Marisa, in the summer it is SO hot here in AZ that I love those cool moody colors. Winter is beautiful & l like the cheerier colors especially red at Christmas...but I never like pink ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ LOL that is my sister. I prefer blue or lavender in the lighter shades & my life has been so stressful that I just don't get 'into' primary colors for decor...except for butterflies smiley I have many tiny spots of color using butterflies.

Can someone please gamut check the Nov palette? Please? When I use those exact colors I am told my 'turkey' is out of gamut. I am worried that my whole kit will be. smiley

The palette colors all show as being in-gamut. I downloaded your preview and a few things are showing out-of-gamut, but not significantly. Maybe where you used an overlay? That shifts colors enough to give things gamut issues sometimes. I would be happy to do the RGB>CMYK>RGB again conversion thingy to make everything in-gamut in your kit if that would help you out. Happy to help!

Would you prefer to send me a screen shot of the out-of-gamut areas in the preview? Or, have me upload the kit and send you a link for fixing stuff? I can reduce saturation if I know the worst offenders. And thank you for your generous offer. I really appreciate you!!

There really isn't much out of gamut. Let me send you a screen shot and you can decide which way you want to go with it. Like I said, I am happy to help. I would be happy to check the preview again after your adjustments as well. It really isn't a problem. I am futzing around in PS all day, err day. smiley Sending to your hotmail here in a minute.

Tricia, he's adorable! Will be a great addition to a page layout documenting painted hand turkeys!

I would agree with your husband, too. He's the added touch! My husband has an eye for this type of thing for sb too! When ever I get stuck or need inspiration I go to him for suggestions. So much fun!

Great colors again, Marisa. Many thanks for the aco, @Elizabeth Minkus.
@Tricia Ptktj: Love your kit, and the hand turkey is absolutely wonderful. Many thanks!!!

Reminds me of fall herbs.

I was pretty sick in September and missed the Oct blog train. Glad to be back now. Love this color pallet Marisa! Adorable turkey Tricia!

Wow! I am really enjoying these comments! I see how talented are you! I 'd never imagined a turkey with those colors, lol!
Anette, it's true, it also reminds me time ago when I was a teacher!

Looking forward to working with this palette. Not a typical fall one, which is great!

Robin glad you are feeling better, may God bless you with continued good health. I hope you share these fall herbs here on
Your designs speak to me and encourage me to look more into the word of God. I use so many of them in my Scripture log.
Thank you for all you do to spread the word of God.
Vicki Amos

@Robin - Sorry to hear you were sick last month - but good to know you are feeling better now! smiley

Ditto what the other ladies said, Robin!
I'm glad you are feeling better!

Once again, Marissa, you chose some great colors for November.

Lisel -- Your fall tree is beautiful. I wish they really looked that way in the fall smiley
Robin -- Glad you're feeling better. Love the girl holding the pumpkin.
Tricia -- Your handprint turkey is adorable!

As cold as it is here this morning, my scarecrow should actually be a snowman!


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