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Thank you, Diane. Your papers and leaves are SO pretty!

Tricia -- Your handprint turkey is so cute.
Robin -- Glad you're feeling better. We missed you!
Diane -- Love the scarecrow and the leaves.

Diane, we already had some snow yesterday. Can you believe it!
I am still trying to find all my fall deco and here in Michigan, it feels like winter.

Wow, what terrific kits so far! Great job, ladies!

Connie -- it's just too early for winter yet. However, over night, the wind shifted and now we're having temps in the 70's for the next few days.
Christina -- Looks like you've been a busy lady, too!

Diane: I haven't scrapbooked in months. Nothing like diving in headfirst to get back in the game!

Christina -- I always say just dive right in and see what happens smiley

I went with a touch of snow in autumn. Along with a nod to one of my favorite berries that are only in season for a short short time. smiley

Everything is not shown (because I just realized I made stuff for this kit a couple months ago and forgot to include it in the preview) but you get the idea. Fall, Thanksgiving and a little bling because I can never resist. smiley

Diane: It really does work to get the creativity flowing.

Jessica: So soft and elegant. Love the colors you chose.

Annette: You've made me regret not using a darker shade of purple. That turkey is the epitome of fun.

Can't wait to use everyone's kits! smiley

Thank so much for the kind words, Christina. I avoided this palette for the longest time. Just couldn't wrap my head around these colors for Thanksgiving. Finally forced myself to make the purple turkey and I was instantly convinced I could work with it and make it Fall and Thanksgiving. I am so glad you like him! smiley It's good to get out of your comfort zone sometimes.

Annette: It was just the darker shade of purple that had me not feeling it. I really do regret I didn't work with it. lol Oh, well!

Hi friends, I was having trouble making this one come together, but I so badly wanted it to match Tricia's minikit because I am in love with the handprint turkey. Sorry I couldn't do it justice Tricia, but now I will go and scrap all of my adorable turkey handprints after I scan them in!!!

Here is my Digital Scrapbook Blog Train for November 2022 This kit will be available on my blog Digiscrap Angelhaze the 01 Nov. 2022.

I haven't done this in such a long time...:)

I have my contribution done and it will be on my blog, on November 1st!

Thanks for the fun colors!

Your kit is lovely Kelly. The gradient on the second paper is great!! I also love the stripes with 'hidden' dots. Thanks for making a wonderful mini!

I always like a little bling!! That oak leaf on the bottom left is so beautiful. Misty??? It is so pretty. the black paper with the leaves and your red and orange oak leaf. Cranberries are a favorite of my family as well. Great mini!

Christina, love your bow and the cute little squirrel. You've made such a bunch for this blog train. I am glad you are able to be back to designing. smiley

I have really gotten my money's worth out of those Ron Deviney Fog brushes! They make the best mist and I am a misting fool. Thanks so much for the kind words, Tricia. smiley

Thanks so much, Tricia. I'm glad to have returned too!


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