Oct 2022 Blog Train - Comments

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Oct 2022 Blog Train - Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until October 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

This month's train palette is by far one of my favorites, Marisa!
Purple is my favorite color, so, yeah, I'm REALLY loving what I see!
Thank you so very much to all the designers for their generous gifts.

I too like Lisel have purple of all shades as my favorite! Thank you fro bringing it back to life in the SB world...lol! Thank you

Beautiful colors and so many great contributions.
Thank you, everyone!

Thank you all for the lovely kits!

Thank you everybody for your kits.

Once again, an amazing group of creators. Thanks so much for your gifts.

smiley I think this is the prettiest, most 'together' BT that I recall having seen. It really looks (mostly) like one kit.

Absolutely amazing. Each kit is so beautiful. And it is hard to find a fave.... Thank you, every one, for sharing and all your many hours of work.

My fave this time is smiley Lisel Rice's texture paper pack, I cannot possible begin to get over the crochet and the foggy forest backgrounds. Which reminds of a great NZ crochet blog ..... and Tricia's pumpkins. Not sure if I have ever seen anything cuter.

Just bringing these nice comments over to the correct thread so they aren't lost if they get deleted from the contribution thread. Hope that is okay.

Thank you to all the designers this month for their amazing kits. So.much.glitter. Much appreciated x

This month again a wonderful blogtrain! Thank you so much! smiley

Beautiful colors. Thanks to all who participated in sharing your talents.

Thanks to all the designers for their great contributions.

Marisa, I love your leaf paper and the stitched heart flags.

Jessica, your kit looks so "Fall!" Love your pumpkin Spice, the stamp, and the fourth paper with the leaves.

Lisel, you are amazing. I think you managed to make even more for October than I did for September...wow! The knit papers are amazing. I love the cable knit texture! Such a wonderful collection.

Kelly, Your stickers are wonderful and I like your string and stitched hearts.

Angelhaze. That owl is great & thanks for the word art and an amazing kit.

Diane, amazing as always. Love, love, love your pumpkin, the great flowers, and the border. Great papers as well! {And, yes, your grandkid's cookies are great!}

Janet, that cupcake is adorable. Thanks for all the fun trick-or-treat/candy ellies!

Annette, you have SUCH a wonderful mini, love your ghosts (both border {so cute} and misty.) The bats are great, the tree is wonderfully creapy, and I love the jack-o-lantern paper. Everything really is wonderful!

Jan, such a pretty soft kit. beautiful job. I especially like your orange leaf paper. Thanks!

Sonia, thanks for sharing your cluster, it is wonderful. I love the realistic look of the elements...and the broom stapled on! So cute!

Connie, wonderful word art template. I look forward to using it smiley

Andene, my favorite is your moon paper, but all the ellies are great. And your tree and bat are so fun ( and eye-ball creepy!!)

Sonya, Thanks for sharing your October Bootiful freebies. Your bat is adorable and I like the spy-glass on the Mysterious Tag.

Sharon, loving your mini, the pumpkin paper is wonderful, and you have some perfect word-bits for fall. My favorite is the illustration; it has a wonderful texture. (and I'm glad I didn't have real beads like that when my guys were little - they would have eaten "the cheerio" LOL).

Moore Blessings, thanks for sharing your mini. My favorites are the paper flower and the tag. Great kit!

Bina, your mini, is as always amazing. Love your butterfly, the frames, the sticker tree, & your "Recorded" word art.

Andrea, Great polka-dot papers and fun texture on your solids. Thanks for sharing!

Kimberly, I love your papers, especially the zig-zag, pumpkin & the first paper. The pumpkin is great as well and the texture is wonderful. In your second, the purple pumpkin with word-art is wonderful!

Awwww......thanks Bina! smiley smiley smiley

Thank you, Tricia! The cable knit is using item 91293 knit overlay from Violet Irisovna

@Lisel Thanks, but just having an overlay doesn't = making it look nice on multiple colors. You did a wonderful job!

Thank you to all the designers, thank you Tricia and Lisel!

Ok, thank you, Tricia! smiley


I loved your cluster Sonia but I never could find it.

Thank you as always ladies for being so generous and sharing your creativity and art. I love coming here and seeing all the ways you inspire me!

Thank you, Kimberly

Here is the link, Kathy. It was under the preview of the cluster at her blog. Disguised as the word "Link." smiley Took me a minute to spot it, too.

Thank you for the link Annette. I was also having a hard time finding Sonia's Halloween cluster.

Happy to help, Kari. Almost nothing worse than having something super cute offered up, and wanting it for your stash and then not being able to figure out how to get it. Been there! smiley

thanks so much to all designers ))))

Oh! I'm so sorry it was hard to find my link, thank you Annette for your help, and next time I'll try to make my links "more easy to find". Anyway, if you have any trouble, I have an e-mail and you can write me a line, most of you know it, and I always try my best to answer and help you!!

Thank you!

No worries at all, Sonia! I was more than happy to help just a tiny bit so everyone could get that adorable cluster you created. I think when we are in a downloading-frenzy, our eyes might glaze over a bit with happiness and that sometimes makes it hard to see things like links. smiley That is probably just me, but I am gonna pretend everyone has the same problem so I don't feel so alone.

You are very welcome, Tricia and thanks so much for the kind words of support and encouragement. I am more-than-tickled you thought my offering was fun. YAY! (So, so nice of you to give everyone some love, as well.) smiley

Thank you everyone for the amazing kits!