2022 Freebies Around The Web

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2022 Freebies Around The Web

This is the place for all those time-limited freebies; please post a link as you find them so that others can add to their stashes as well!

Happy New Years, Everyone..

Sorry I haven't been around, been sick the last couple of days, due to the weather changing from 62 degrees to 22 degrees.
Kinda like Mother Nature is bipolar.

**Updated January 7th 2022**
My husband and I went and got tested for Covid. Both of us are Negative. I am still sick. I went to the Dr this morning and found out I have SinoBronchitis.. another 8 prescriptions, later.. bah humbug..

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have retiring Freebies on blog and the links will be gone on February 2, 2022.
You can find them here:

Many Blessings

Farmer's Market is a Daily Download from Pauline Thompson AKA Dream4EverDesigns. It started on Jan 1/2022 and typically runs the entire month. The great thing about Pauline's DD's is that they don't expire, so if you missed the first 12 days they are still there. In fact all of the DD's she has posted are still there. As I post she is on Day 12 but all the other days are there. These are not small kits but Mega Ones.


Thank you Leslie.

Check out her other ones if you get a chance, there are so many, and all still up.

Yes, i see, i have dedective skills.... smiley)

Thanks for sharing your creations! You have a lot of fun stuff there.


Today I rummaged through my newsletter again and there I found freebie links that you might also like, with Gnomes (black and white) which you can also use well in garden scraps or Mermaid glitterpapers, who loves the sea.


At FONTBundles I also found a beautiful handwriting font, all free!

Have a joyful discovery day smiley smiley

I hope it's ok to post this here. I ran across this site today that has some very useful tutorials & how-to's for Photoshop and Illustrator..You can find them all HERE

Thanks Jackie, bookmarked and ready.

Love these, thank you!

Love Design Bundles too!

Here are some more expiring freebie sites.

Weekly CU Freebie on The Hungry JPEG

6 Weekly PU free goods for the week Creative Market
Fonts are CU.

Daily freebies at CreativeFabrica

Daily freebies at LoveSVG

Daily freebie at Daily Art Hub

MyMemories blogtrain and big bunch of freebies on ADB designs blog

Where do you find the free weekly goods on Creative Market? Every time I click the "free goods" link at the top of the page, it takes me to the "free monthly drop" which is only available to paid members.

There is an awesome watercolor bundle available for free for the next 20 days HERE at CreativeFabrica

There is a great crafty free font bundle HERE at CreativeFabrica available for 10 more days

Thanks Jackie!
The pearl textures are very inspiring.

New freebie bundle at Creative Fabrica

I reposted few of old blogtrains on my blog, and I'm doing it every week, so visit often. Plus freebie in newsletter is new every other month

iNSD Freebies May 2022:

iNSD Blog Hop 2022 – Dawn

ENDS May 5th - The LilyPad Blog Hop (found in the forums)

Hi, I'm sorry, just after I posted this about Creative Market they changed their terms of service and the freebies disappeared.