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Commons Newbie

Hi to all!
Just applied to the Commons after getting thro' the questionnaire...& Marisa kindly accepted & has given permission to upload! So, just to let everyone know I will be uploading some goodies now & then. Constructive criticism is more than welcome...we are all here to learn & better ourselves, right? Hope some will like my work...its not complicated, just simple & pretty qps, pre-decorated pages & clusters mostly.

I don't mind telling you that I'm pretty nervous about this uploading, quality control smiley etc...please be kind anyhow with anything you find lacking & I will try and rectify any mistakes... smiley Ok then!

Hi Chitra,

Courage Chitra, I look forward to your goodies. I already have something from you in my gallery. smiley

Thank you for the encouragement, Doska! smiley

Hi Chitra, it's great to hear that you are joining the Commons!

I understand your anxiety, I was too before I dared to participate, it took me several years to take the plunge. In the end it was totally unfounded, people are all caring and encouraging, really smiley.

As for the quality controls, there is nothing to be afraid of, they are only there to help us progress smiley ! And even the most experienced of us get some. And then, when we are level one, they let us easily take our marks and get used to it little by little.

I can't wait to discover your goodies, see you soon!

Thank you, Anne-Laure, for your kind words of encouragement!

smiley smiley So great @Chitra David!!!

Congratulations, Chitra! Looking forward to seeing your designs.

I have tried the questionnaire a couple of times, but always got hung up on one of the questions. (No idea which one it was now, as it was quite a while ago!) Everything else was always correct, except for this same question. So, in the end, I simply gave up!

smiley smiley Thank you Robyn!
Yes, I too got throu' only after a couple of attempts but this time I was determined to get through! I too am looking forward to this new journey!

smiley smiley Thank you!