PU and CU Downloads on my blog *Updated*

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PU and CU Downloads on my blog *Updated*

Some PU and some CU bundles can all be found here

Thank you so much.... smiley Have a very nice Christmas.

Thank you for your kindness, Nellie.

Thank you ladies, Happy New years!

Thank you for sharing

Thank you! You are very generous

Thank you ladies, Easter bundle has posted as well

Thank you so much Nellie Bell, I found many from your site. Especially loved the adorable Easter word art. As a side note, I'm a Georgia gal too but in the NW, near the lakes.

Thank you Pat, good to see a fellow Georgian! smiley

Thank you!

Hard to get out of just being in absolute awe!
I'm a noob when it comes to scrapbooking and it's just incredible to see what's possible. Thank you for your generosity

Thank you Tini and welcome to the wonderful world of Scrapping! smiley

Thank you very much! smiley

between cooking dinner and setting up bread dough for the breakfast rolls, I have now looked at all your masterpieces in the meantime and I can only repeat how much I am amazed at what you and all the other scrap masters get conjured up. My English is unfortunately not the best. -I hope I can rely on the translation program! smiley Thank you again in your direction!

Thank you again Tini. The translation program you've used works great. Breakfast rolls sound yummy, I know you enjoyed them!

New faith based Easter bundle has posted on my blog. This is a collab so you will find links to other blogs to visit as well. Happy easter!

Nellie Bells

Thank you so much for this wonderful art. He is Risen!

thank you for the beautifull kits, happy easter! Our Redeemer lives!

Thanks Ladies, hope your Easter was a great one!

Hi Nellie,

The attack on the forum happened yesterday at the very moment I was about to send you my thanks. It was the only thing that was lost to me. Therefore, I like to make up for it again today, Easter Monday. Wonderful freebies, which I immediately used in a private scrap.

Thank you for sharing that with me Doska, it is very lovely and started my day with a smile! smiley It always does my heart good to know I can share things that are useful to others. I hope you have a great week!

The original post on my blog for the Word Art for My Redeemer was missing the link. That has now been updated or you can download here

New CU bundle on my blog.

Thank you!

New Mermaid Themed Mother's Day bundle on my blog ready for download.

Just posted on my blog, some CU Llama Drama smiley

Hi Nelli,

although I can do with Lamas now scrapbookinglike nothing, but I wanted to praise you for some time for the design of your blog. Very clear. But your other kits I have collected, the last with the roses I will soon use once, thanks for that.

Thank you, Nellie!

smiley Thank you, Nellie!!