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Free Fonts Around the Web

So it just occurred to me that it might be really helpful to our community to have a thread where we can all place links to the free fonts we find as we travel the world wide web. Please only free fonts though and preferably none of the ones where you have to download an exe file to get it as those tend to have spyware and malware attached to them.

I'll start us off... I found a free front called Ostrich Sans Font Family that is part of a challenge on another site but since we don't post other folks' challenges here I thought I'd post the link to the font instead.... (image is linked)


Here are a couple I downloaded the other day these five are okay for CU usage (images are linked):

The graphics fairy has a list of ten free fonts...

Thanks France.... having all those links in one place will be super helpful.

DJB fonts updated her all-in-one download yesterday... these are PU only you need to buy her CU license if you want to use them for CU purposes... though I think she's having a sale on the CU license for all current and future fonts before a price increase that will happen in March. (image is linked)

Ooh, cool, and in one of the threads I linked, it says that Kevin and Amanda fonts can be used for CU if you put their badge prominently on your blog or site... guess what I did yesterday smiley

I like that Darcy Baldwin has the option of getting her licenses one at a time, over time it's probably less economical but I do not have $120 burning a hole in my pocket smiley

France... I agree about not having $120 burning in my pocket... lol.... I didn't know that about Kevin and Amanda Fonts though so I'll have to do that too.

Very cool about K&A and I realised one of my favourite font is theirs, so I can now use it for alphas!!!
I added a link in my post above, another thread I found on this forum smiley

Thanks for sharing these great sites. I can't wait to go check out all the fonts.

HG Designs has two posts with free fonts...

and later on I'll post a bunch of random links but right now I need to go eat

I came across Misti Fonts and was slightly confused by her TOU, so I got the lowdown from Misti. I told her I'd share my findings with

So basically they are OK for PU or for making alphas or word art (i.e. using the font as base and creating from it) to be given away as freebies, or as part of a blog train, but not OK if we're making money from making anything with them.

If I do use her fonts to make freebies, I would make my alphas/word art strictly PU as S4O/S4H would not be as per Misti's terms, and make it clear in my TOU that that is the way things are. I gather if people would want to use my stuff to make money they would have to pay Misti to get a license for the use of the items I made with her fonts (clear as mud?)

This is her lovely reply smiley my question was basically "do I need to purchase a license if I want to make items to give away as freebies"

"Hello France,

Thanks for contacting me! You can use them freely for this purpose. I just ask that you put somewhere in you TOU that the alphas can only be used for personal use (making no money from them).

I would consider it commercial use if you would be allowing people to take the alphas and make money somehow from using them....regardless if you charge for it or not.

Terms of use can be tricky. I plan sometime this year to update mine with more information to help my customers.

Please let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks!

Misti's Fonts


Custom Logos & Fonts"

(if anything I wrote above does not make sense, please let me know! it boils down to "if anyone makes money from her fonts, she needs to be paid via the purchase of a license" and I think that's fair enough, and it's generous to let us give away stuff we make with her fonts)

HG Designs has a new font she made... the bottom of the post has links to four additional fonts she posted earlier...

I'm busy writing a novel and a bunch of the characters are Russian so I am really feeling this font here which as a very Cyrillic feel to it...

and this one is pretty cool I think I might use it for an outdoorsy layout since although it's named growl the letters actually read as planks of wood to me....

both of these are CU/PU

Wow Sera! Thanks for saving us some legwork! smiley

no problem France I figured I was going through the site looking for stuff for me anyways so I might as well post what I found.

Sorry! The images didn't work. I wasn't sure how to insert them.

Oops! I added Lev Distressed twice. The missing font is found here:

Here's a free font from Free this week only.

@Simply Scrappin.... thank you for posting these great fonts... I went in and fixed the images for you... and since the forum wasn't letting me add the image to the missing font post you did I just added it and the link to the original post... though I think I'm going to go back and resize the image... Also please don't forget to read the post about profile expectations as you need to use a real name or a pseudonym instead of what you're currently using... the post is here

Thanks again for the links!

Thank you for these fabulous finds!!!

all these nice handwriting fonts and free !! many thanks France !!!!

here, I found many free fonts :

Thank you Vero!

Found another one... it's CU/PU/S4H/S4O friendly... unfortunately the forum isn't letting me post an image right now so I'm just gonna post the link and try coming back tomorrow to add the picture.... it's a chalk font from HG Designs...

Ha... got the picture to show up by doing it manually ... YAY me! lol.

OMG Sera, it's so cute! I love what that lady makes!

@France... I know right... She rocks!

@ Everybody else... here's another font... it's only free this week so you got to hurry over and pick it up....

Here's another one from Deal Jumbo... CU/PU/S4H/S4O friendly...