FREEBIES PU: Karry Dempsey

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FREEBIES PU: Karry Dempsey

My sister-in-law asked me if I could throw something together for her to scrap her girls this past summer selling lemonade. I had so much fun making this kit I just wanted to share it with everyone. Hope you all like.

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Love the bright colors

Here are my additions to some of the Designer Challenges as well that some may have not seen.




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This kit is so pretty. I might have to make my daughter have a lemonade stand this summer just so that I can use this kit!!

Living in Montana the snowy cold weather lasts a little bit longer than you usually want it to. I am so ready for Spring and working in my flower garden. That was my inspiration for this kit.

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I can relate about the cold snowy weather... LOL I live in the NEK of VT.
Oh, and love the Irish stuff smiley

Love your Lemonade Stand kit! It is so pretty and girly...

We are stuck in Minnesota cold (-15 this morning), so your bright spring, English Garden kit is so welcoming. I wish I could be in that gazebo smelling the flowers!!

I love the Lemonade Stand Kit. Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to use it in my projects.

As a former competitive figure skater and in the spirit of the Olympics I created a Figure Skating kit. The Ice Dancing this year was AMAZING. ( awesome were Tara Lapinski and Johnny Weir commentating! Love them!)

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Happy MARCH! May the Luck of the Irish be with you and you catch your Leprechaun and find your pot of GOLD! Here is the full St. Patricks Day kit I created that was inspired by my Bingo challenge.

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I love this kit!!! It is so bright and colorful! Not to mention, just plain down cute!

Thank you so much. I had fun making it.

Love, love, love the Irish stuff... Thank you so much, Karry!

So cute! Love anything irish, thanks so much!

WOW! You are so talented! Thanks for sharing with us! smiley

Karry, thanks so much for sharing your lovely kits!! The Irish ones are my favs, but all of them are beautiful.

Like everyone whose a dog person, I LOVE MY DOG! She is my inspiration for my free kit this week. Her name is Pepper and she's a white Boxer.

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Lovely dog, and a great kit to, well done.

These are such wonderful sets. Thank you for your generosity.

These are awesome!! Thank you for sharing!!

This weeks freebie is inspired by my son and my father. I lost my father as a teenager and I am always going back and looking at old photographs from when he was a boy. He was a typical boy of the 1940's and played all kinds of sports and games with his friends and his brothers and had all the usual popular toys of the time. There are a LOT of boys in my family. I was feeling nostalgic and put this kit together trying to capture his era as well as trying to attribute it to my own boy. Hope you like smiley

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So I posted in the Digital Scrap-booking Forum that I was looking for kits that have to do with pontoon boating. My husband and I completely built our pontoon boat from the "toons" up and basically have a camper on the water now. We love it. Well...there was no response at all and in searching all over to try and find one and being unsuccessful, I decided I would just make my own. I hope this kit is useful to others since there are really none to be found out there that I have come across.

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Karry, thanks so much for the kits. Here is one of the pages I did with your bowling kit! smiley

Amara, I love your layout. It's so neat seeing someone use one of my kits. This is the first:-) I really love how you used one of the papers as a splatter. That's cool.

Lovely colours, very nice

Oh, I really like your Little Rascals kit! Thank you!

I am from Great Falls, Montana. I believe that Montana is one of the most beautiful states in the country. However, when you live on the Rocky Mountain Front the wind comes through pretty much every day. Great Falls weighs in at #7 for the windiest cities in the country. If you walk outside and say, "Gosh this wind, does it ever stop?" any local near you will just roll their eyes. This was the inspiration for my next kit. This is one of those places where you could go out and fly your kite almost every day. Growing up as a kid I always had a "cool" kite and so did all my friends. I hope you all enjoy it and maybe it will give you inspiration to get out and fly your own kite

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I also want to mention that for those that don't know, we just completed a month long kit challenge in the Designer Challenge forum. I created a HUGE Steampunk kit. If you like Steampunk, please check it out. You can find the thread here.

I have had to increase the storage on my DropBox account so the kits I had to expire are now available again.

This kit is so sweet, fresh I cant wait to play with it. Thank you!! smiley