FREEBIES CU/PU: Libby Bryant

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FREEBIES CU/PU: Libby Bryant

I'm updating all these older link previews and file locations. If you find something not working please check with me to make sure I'm finished with those files, or so I can "fix" it. Thanks in advance.

I sure hope I'm doing this right, LOL! Here is my first humble offering to the freebies, hope someone can find a use for it. smiley

You can download it here.

I just posted some hearts in the hearts open challenge and hope I'm allowed to do that? If not, I hope someone moves them here. smiley
For now, I'm posting another alpha set. This one is called Red Rock Alpha cuz of it's design. It's also a full set.

And if you like you can get them here.

And yet one more alpha set, LOL! Sorry, but it's the way I got things packaged and ready. I'll post embellishments next round, just bare with me as this is all new to me. smiley I call this one my Red Paisley set.

You can get it here. Please let me know of any problems, thank you.

Thank you for your pretty alphas! I will immediately try the grey alpha template! smiley

I'm glad you like them and let me know if you have any problem following along. I wrote that using an older program but the basics are the same for most every graphics program.

Here's a quick set of fun buttons I hope someone can use. I'm still working on my next project and can't wait to share it. smiley

And you can get them here.

Love the alphas and buttons. Thanks!

Love your alphas, buttons, and hearts, Libby! Thank you for your generosity!

Great buttons! I have a question though. How can I make them look like they've been sewn to something behind them? Is there an element that I can place on top that looks like thread? Thanks smiley

If you do a search in graphics for "stitches," there are many different options. Just layer and shadow!

Thanks Laurel! I'll do that! smiley

Thanks Libby, this looks great! Best wishes, Stef

Thank you ladies. Tracey I started to wait to upload those till I had time to make the threads too. I'm still working on those but yes, as Laurel said, there's plenty free ones you can use. But I will upload those just as soon as I get them finished. smiley

I don't know about others but I LUV simplicity when it comes to jewelry. And I love the sparse look of the Tin Cup necklaces! smiley I tried doing the beads from an older tutorial I found online but the lady had left an important step out so it just wasn't working. I tried in different program versions and same problem in each one. So, I ended up making my own. These are 5" x 7" TinCup Necklace Photo Frames that I hope may be useful to someone. The previews on these didn't turn out that well but the actual files look great. I have two sets of them and here's the first set....

And if you like you can get them here.

And here are the second set....hope you can find a use for them. smiley

Get them here.

Thank you so much, Libby smiley

Thank you Libby. I am just off to experiment with your alpha, wish me luck as I've never done anything like this before!!

Tracey I'm posting these for now and still working on other styles. These aren't the best but look much better colorized. smiley So hang on while I get them posted....

Hi Chris, if you have any problems give me a holler. smiley

Ok, in this set I have 3 sizes for the 4 hole button laces, (I'm calling them laces cuz they're not the stringy type), and 2 sizes for the 2 hole buttons. I'm showing samples of them on some of the different buttons so you can see. Again, these aren't colorized and look much better when they are, but leaving that to you. smiley

And you can get them here.

And here are some papers I wanted to share with you. These were made using various overlays. Giggles, yes, I took a shortcut on these. smiley

And if you like can get them here.

Thanks for everything, Libby! And I LOVE those peachy papers, too!

Thaks for everything. Just love it!!!


Thank you, Libby!

Tracey as promised here are some more button "threads" I've made for those buttons. I think these lil rope type strings are harder to create than alphas, LOL! I do have more in the works, lots more, but they are time consuming so will take me a while. smiley Hope you can use them. Also threw in some realistic twine with the threads. That is from a cu freebie pic I cut out and made the criss-cross for the button holes.

Please note: This will be re-posted later, sorry for any inconvenience.

You can get these here.

I luv these scallop napkins and hope someone can find a use for them. Just thought they were cute. Possibly for smaller papers and such?

And if you like, get them here.

Here are some linen papers in various colours. Again, hope someone can find a use for them.

Get them here.

Here are some suede looking ribbons, flats and curls, that I created by following a tutorial.

Get them here.

I luv the crumpled flowers the girls have created on here and decided to try my hand at a few. I think that's one of the best ways to learn. Again, hope they're of use to someone. I have 2 sets of these and here's the first....

Get them here.

And here are the second set....

Get them here.

Here are more papers like the Peach ones I posted earlier. I'll have more colours of the same sets on my blog shortly if you want to get them. LB Designs And now for the Light Green Papers....

Get them here.