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I think my main problem is that I'm so picky about the way I want things to go together. I can't seem to stop redoing things. I will recolor an item or slice and dice several items 100 times and then decide that I need different things altogether. It's good for me, though, it forces me to try new techniques when I have an idea about altering elements I already have.

Holy, I commented on your blog but I will also comment here, this new template is amazing! thank you so much for sharing your talent with us, cheers!

That was a day off in comparison to all the painting I did this month, Daniela. You're more than welcome. smiley Can't wait for this blog train to go live, though--so many great things in peoples' kits!

I may do another template before it goes live, just for a break from final file prep and post-writing. Make sure to check for one! I'll try to remember to link this template and any new ones in my post.

Linking here as well: I decided to challenge myself for the "Make an Alpha Set" designer challenge, and came up with a handpainted alpha. This one's personal use, please, as I might want to sell it as a font later on.

Download at my blog.

Great alpha!

Love the alpha, Holly - thank you!!

That is a fabulous alpha, thank you for sharing

I've put a set of layout templates featuring autumn leaves in the shop on my website, and this freebie is on the blog post for the new release. Enjoy!

What a pretty template, Holly!

Oh such a pretty template! Thank you so much, Holly. Couldn't resist. So much fun.

Lovely!! Thanks smiley

@ Bina, that's a lovely use of the template! I love how it's easy to make a template like this one look different by just changing up where the title and journaling are placed.

@Robyn and Randi: Thank you both! I'm in a bit of a template mood this week, when I'm not shooting leaves and jewelry to be extracted for CU elements and training Murdock to do mobility support for me. I guess it's showing somewhat.

Love the template. Thanks!

Good luck with Murdock!

It's going to be a months-long process, Robyn, but he's doing pretty well so far. Right now he's just working on the basic good behavior commands at home, but he's learning them quickly. Next up is learning that they're expected to be obeyed when there are guests and when we're walking around outside...not just when we're alone without any distractions.

Amazing template, Holly - downloading that one for sure! smiley

I spotted a request for some clear acrylic alphas to go with everything, and I've posted one alpha sheet maker on my personal blog (image is linked to post):

It's really basic, using one of the Google fonts that's CU4CU friendly. I might do another one in a sans serif style, just to have a couple of super-basic options for people to whip up an alpha sheet. (You'll have to do your own cutting into individual files, but at least you can make a quick alpha to match anything.) I've included a matched layer as a clipping mask if you want to add a base color or clip a paper.

Thank you so much
(is it me that I only see a red cross with the post above ?)

You shouldn't see a red cross--it should be a longer black background with a bunch of acrylic letters on it. Is anyone else having issues seeing that image?

Yes - the image in reply 48 seems to be broken.

I'm not seeing any image at all, Holly.

I've edited the post; let me know if it continues to be an issue or if I've got it fixed, please?

I'm still not seeing any image or link to your blog on post #48.

Well, if the image won't link, at least adding a link to the post should help until I can get it sorted out... :p

I'm physically wiped right now--I'm pretty sure I overdid it yesterday when I took Murdock for a long walk/public training session, but he did pretty well. Since he's been voluntarily lying down under the table or my desk when I eat, and it was a beautiful day, I took a walk down to a place with a picnic table outside and had him do the same while I ate a meal there (around 2:30pm, when the restaurant would be less busy). He was a little less perfect, since he loves people and wanted to get to say hello to everyone who walked by, but he was on a short leash attached to my waist and he did sit for about half the meal. But I think he's starting to realize that not everyone will want to say hello to him, no matter whether he wants to say hi to them or not. Then again, that's why we went to a place which has picnic tables; his behavior doesn't have to be perfect in order for him to get through it successfully, and we'll continue the picnics (gradually working towards lunch rushes as he gets better behaved) until he's ready for something like walking into a fast-food place to get a to-go order. After my meal, we walked through the passengers at the local bus depot during transfer time (once an hour there), which was definitely a challenge for him, but I kept that down to 2-3 minutes so I wouldn't overstress him and gave him lots of treats, and then we started the walk home as the buses were about to leave the depot.

Thanks, Holly. I can finally see the image and I really appreciate the alpha! I'm sorry you are so tired, but it sounds like it was a really rewarding day working with Murdock. As he learns, things will get easier smiley

Yes, they're already much easier than they were his first week or so here. Right now, we're working on building up his ability to stay. I have him sit or lay down, then give him the wait command, and I'm currently up to being able to turn totally away from him for about 30 seconds before he starts getting antsy. We're also working on impulse control--I couldn't toss anything without him breaking the stay...but he's just today gotten to the point where he'll hold the stay while I toss some kibble and wait until I tell him he's free before he goes after it. smiley It's SO much progress from when he came here and only knew to ring the bells to tell us he needed to go potty...and in the space of 7 weeks! smiley

Holly. Thanks so much for this clever alpha template.

You're absolutely welcome, Bina. It's pretty basic, but that means it's also really flexible for a quick alpha to make a title that stands out. I'm thinking about taking today and making a simple sans serif one as well, and maybe something a little more playful and child-friendly for a third one.

@Holly: I think the template you have designed is absolutely great! smiley I totally love clear and always try a serif for titles and since I am gravitating towards smaller pages it is perfect! Thanks so much again.

There'll be another one coming out in my newsletter this weekend; it's my response to the current "Universal Alpha" challenge over in the Designer Challenges forum. There are 168 glyphs in this pack, each sized at 144pt (2" capital height). Click the preview to head over to the blog and sign up for the newsletter so you can get it when it goes out Sunday!