Freebies CU/PU: dhariana scraps- update 01/09/2024

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Thank you so much, your kits are awesome!

Thank you! smiley

I have a small Christmas freebie at my BLOG:

Beautiful, thank you!

Thank you

Thank you girls, I hope you have fun!
@Doska: That's adorable! THanks!

This is wonderful. I think I will make a card using this. Thank you.

I have a new mini kit for you:

Thank you Kari!

Ooo, it's so wintry and cute! Love it! Thank you so much, Cintia!

Thanks Christina, I hope you have fun!

Oh, how cute! The snowflake is so intricate, and I love the brads and the papers, and the flowers, and the skates.......Thank you!

Thank you!


THank you girls! I hope you have fun.

I appreciate the Scripture references in the artwork. There is nothing more beautiful than the Word of God. And it is a joy to see others creating and sharing it. Thank you so much.

Thank you Margareth Anne. smiley My faith became a really important part of my life and I thank God for that everyday. I hope you have fun!

Here is my new mini for you:

This is beautiful, Cintia. Thank you.

Thanks Lisel! smiley

Loving the color scheme! The heart and flower papers are so adorable. I really do need to try some grays sometime in my palettes. Thanks for the freebie, Cintia!

Thanks Cristina! Yes, it is all about finding the great palette. If you do not find a perfecto one, take a look at what you can do with the Adobe color Wheel:

Have fun!

Oh, wow! That is super cool. I use both PS and PSP. PSP has something similar, though a bit more restrictive (maximum colors are 4 and not as many options as on the left of Adobe's color wheel), right in its Materials Properties. When I do use it, I have to add a couple more of my own choices to the palette. Thank you, though! I bookmarked that for future use.

I have a new mini kit:

Thanks again, Cintia smiley

THank you girls!

These are amazing! I especially love the Orange & Chocolate and The Loving Heart. smiley

Thank you Wendy, I hope you have tons of fun! smiley

I have a new mini kit: