Freebies PU by lady22 (Bourico)

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Freebies PU by lady22 (Bourico)

Hello ladies,
here my Templates PU only
in my blog, for download click on the previews

have a nice day ladies!

Thank you, Bourico. These are simply lovely!

Ooooo, Bourico, I LOVE these! Thank you!

Awesome! you are very talented, I'm a fan of your blog! I didn't know you are the owner. Thank YOU so much for share your work! smiley

Many thanks ladies! smiley
Yes Grace, i am lady22 for the scraps! smiley smiley

Thank you! They are great!

Bourico LOVE your work, your temps are simply gorgeous!! thank YOU so much for sharing!

Many thanks Grace! I still have others that I will share from time to time too! smiley

My new Template today in my blog
link, click on the preview

Thank you, Bourico!

smiley smiley smiley

Lovely!! thank you so much smiley smiley

many thanks ladies!

My new Template free
click in the preview for download

Thank you for the templates.

Thanks for the temps smiley

thanks for sharing smiley smiley

Many thanks, Bourico smiley

Thank you so much. I really love the blending mask in this one.

Merci beaucoup
Très beau templates

thanks ladies smiley
merci beaucoup! smiley

thanks smiley

My new Template n° 6 in my blog here :

Thank you!

Fantastic, Bourico. Many thanks.

thanks Bina, i am very happy! smiley

thanks smiley

merci beaucoup smiley j'avoue que mes 2 préférés sont les 1 & 5 smiley

Merci Nadine, contente qu'ils te plaisent smiley

Thanks for sharing this beautiful templates!
Merci beaucoup!