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A warm hello to all community members!
Its been quite a long time since I have been active on the site, except to download some stuff or parts of BTs freebies. A lot of things have been happening over the last 2-3 years in my life, the least being Covid-19 lockdown & work from home conditions, my daughter's marriage, my quitting my job after that due to health reasons & the birth of my darling little Ruth, my granddaughter.

Well, then...since the time I joined the site, I have enjoyed Marisa's & the other lovely designers & freebie providers generosity. Sometimes I took part in the BTs & have always felt the need to give back to this community in some way. Now that I am at home, I thought I'll create some freebies if anyone is interested.

They're just some quick pages, clusters & sentiments. The file is rather large - 307mbs - all are together. They are for PU only made with commercial use items. There are two links - Google Drive & Media Fire. Hope you like them & can find a use for them.

Links :1. Google drive -
2. Media Fire - just figuring out the size of the preview images to upload...cant seem to figure the right size. Can somebody tell me the height & width to insert in the boxes so that the preview images can be seen? Thanks.
Yes, finally figured it out!

Chitra, I'm so glad to see your designs again!
I've always loved your unique style.
Thank you for sharing your gifts! smiley
And congratulations on your new little one!

Thank you Lisel for your generous thoughts & wishes! They are much appreciated. smiley

Thank you, Doska, for your warm welcome & wishes! Much appreciated!

love the vintage feel



Hi all,
here is another freebie...a set of four pre-decorated pages. Hope you like them! Enjoy!





Thank you

Thank you so much, these are just beautiful!