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Freebies PU/CU ChristinaC


Thank you, and you're welcome, Judy!

Kit includes PSDs and PSPImages, plus example elements.

Download Here

Thank you Christina, nice ideas for hearts as elements, outside of Valentine's Day

These are so cute...thank you so much!

Thank you, and you're welcome, ladies!

Layout Template 1. PSD and PSP image files included.

Download Here

Merry Berry has been in the works for two weeks, and I finally finished it early this morning. Enjoy!

Download Elements
Download Papers

Ooooo pretty!

Thank you

Thank you, Lisel! You're welcome, Jennifer!

You are very hardworking and generous Christina, thank you very much for sharing.

Thank you for the kind words, Doska. smiley

Great kits! Thank you so much!

Thank you, and you're welcome!

Oh, do I recognize some beads in the second preview!? They look great! smiley

Great job I love it and thank YOU!!

@Carole Yes! hehe I love that script. Thank you so much for creating it.

@Ingrid Thank you and you're welcome!

I just whipped these up. I did only A-Z as monograms. You have your choice between plain and with a flower. Enjoy!

Download Here

Thank you again, Christina! I already used your "Merry Berry" kit for a birthday scrap in early September, for my late mother. I will be happy to show it then.

You're welcome! I'd love to see what you (or anyone, really!) did with my creations. smiley

This kit is pretty generic. I liked the colors, but I couldn't come up with a theme, so I named it after my granddaughter. lol

Download Here

But very pretty none the less, Christina! Thank you smiley

Thank you, Lisel! smiley Enjoy it!

Thank you!