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Thank you, the colors really are lovely, and I'm loving the papers!

Thank you and you're welcome, Lisel! This one was lots of fun with the colors! Bina chose beautiful colors.

Today's freebie is 6 PU/CU diamond paper templates offered in PSPimage and PSD formats. They range between 3-7 layers, including a background layer, so there are plenty of options for a variety of colors. Enjoy!

Download Here

Thank you so much for the lovely kits!

You're quite welcome, Beverly! Enjoy and happy scrapping! smiley

I am so pleased to announce that I've finished the Make-A-Kit Extravaganza challenge! This is a huge bundle, all thanks to Annette's scraptorials during the challenge! There are eight zip files in total. Whew...that was a lot of designing, but I had so so so much fun creating this kit. I hope whoever downloads it enjoys creating layouts with the kit! Happy scrapping!

Alphas and Quick Page
Elements Set 1
Elements Set 2
Frames, Photo Corners, and Mask
Paper Set 1
Paper Set 2
Paper Set 3

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Christina, you are so generous, and a great designer, so I'm always happy to add to my stash of goodies I have from you!
Great work on the challenge!

Thanks a lot Christina, love this kit and the paper templates

smiley Thank you so much, Christina! These are super great.

smiley smiley Oh my, what a gorgeous and BIG present. Thank you so much, Christina!!! I love your kit, so beautiful.

Thank you SO very much, everyone! I appreciate the kind words! smiley

Thanks so much for this amazingly generous gift.

Fabulous Bundle of goodies, thank you!

Hi Christina,

I can only fully agree with the previous speakers.Do not be alarmed smiley)

It's wonderful! Thank you for sharing! smiley

I waited till I went through all your pages to say thanks. You are a talented artist and very generous. I will be making cards with your generous gifts!

Aww, thank you kindly, Janie! I appreciate that quite a lot!

Thank you so so much for the Spring Bling Bundle (#127)

You're very welcome, Marie-Claire!

Hello, everyone!

I have a few kits in the works, some of which will be uploaded to the Commons and others posted in this freebie thread. I'm in the process of mainly working on a cat-themed bundle. Someone asked about it on my Bone-A-Fied dog bundle in the Commons, so I agreed to make one for cats. Three other kits are based around layouts I made for pictures of my granddaughter--I'm adding random graphics at random times to make them fuller kits.

Today, though, I have set of 8 patterned paper templates for both PU and CU. They're in PSPimage and PSD formats. Chevrons, damask, diagonal dots, diagonal and horizontal stripes, and 3 different sizes of scalloped dots.

Happy scrapping! smiley

Download Here

Just wrapped up the December 2022: Free Color DS challenge. This is a PU kit using colors from various swatches Bina posted. I know you can't tell from the preview, but the wordart has scattered glitter dots on them. Enjoy!

Download Here

Next up is a kit using this palette:

Hope you're all having a great weekend!

Thanks for all the goodies

H Christina,

can I ask you what the squiggle font is called from your December blogtrain "Good Tiding"?

Have a nice Santa Claus day.

Hello, Doska,

I apparently wrote down only 3 of the fonts I used: Christmas Card II (used on the word strips), Christmas OTF/TTF (used on Merry in the Merry Christmas wordart), and Christmas Handlettered Script TTF (used on Tidings in Good Tidings wordart).

Hopefully one of them is the one you're looking for.


Hi Christina,

thank you very much fpr your help. I had two of your given festive fonts in my font archive, but the one I meant ( your Wordcloud 2 paper, the word PRESENT) I found by accident. The font is called "Beyond Wonderland".
You can also find some other interesting festive fonts at this link:

[url=]More Christnas fonts[/url]

Oh, the font on the paper. Yes, I love that one! It's so pretty! I'm glad you found it, though. smiley