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06/19/14 - Been a while but here are some more freebies for ya! You can get to all three of them from this one blog post. smiley

Layout Template

Layout Template

Hanging Frames

Wonderful Layouts, Thank you!

You're welcome. smiley

Those are nice, Mandy - thank you! smiley

Thanks so much Amanda! These are great!!

@Mady. Here is page I made with one of your templates.

@Mady. Here is page I made with one of your templates.

Thanks for sharing Ania! It looks great! smiley

I made one more page with your template. I used the May Blog Train Hello Template! I love it! The page is here.

Thanks for the bright kits Mandy! smiley

You're welcome Kadambari!

I haven't been very good at keeping up with posting my freebies in this thread. smiley Here's some printable schedules if a written schedule is something that helps you out. There's B&W as well as colored! I like the color. Helps keep my attention. smiley

I really enjoyed the kit and papers. I appreciate you uploading them to us for free; I just started scrapping and have been learning a lot really fast.

Really love the hanging frames template. Its gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!


In honor of Friendship Day (08/03/14). I am holding off on the release of this month's newsletter until then when this freebie kit will be included. Sign up so you don't miss it! smiley

thanks X1093023224234234

Thank you for the word art. I signed up for the newsletter for the friendship kit but I was too late smiley Have a great day!

Aimee...there was a large response to it, so it will be going out again around the 15th for anyone who signed up after the 1st one went out. smiley

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you smiley

Beautiful items. Thanks for sharing with us!

You're welcome Aimee & Stef. I just updated the first post w/this month's SNP blog train as well. It rolls out tomorrow. smiley

Thanks for sharing your talent lady!

Mandy, Thank you for all of your great designer tools. Very nice. xoxox Beth

Love these kits. Thanks so much!!

I LOVE your Christian word art is so hard to find anything with a religious theme. I also really like your templates and the Indian Summer kit...Thanks!

It's been a while since I posted anything in this thread. I took a shot at one of this week's Designer Challenges. Metallic floral papers were kinda the main idea. I went with some floral/leafy overlays that can be used on any color/paper (gray bg is just for preview) and a few basic elements. Both can be downloaded on my blog.

Thank you for the wonderful freebies

Amanda - WOW!! smiley LOVE smiley those metallic overlays! Thank you smiley

You both are very welcome! smiley