FREEBIES CU/PU: Mandy's Lovable Designs

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This is beautiful!

Great job on the metallic floral papers. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you. smiley

Thank your these wonderful designs.

Set of 10 B&W brads I made as part of the PS Designer Challenge. You can download them from my blog. Enjoy! smiley

These are super cute and useful!

Thanks Tosia!


Thank you!

Just finished one of this week's designer challenges: "Work From Home." Since this month's BT just launched, I don't want to put this on my blog just yet. If you would like to download it, I'm going to offer it through the PS Commons for now. I will likely add it to my blog later this month. smiley

Paper & Elements:

I am literally LOL'ing at "ain't nobody got time for that!"

New Designer Challenge Freebies on the blog. Click images to go to blog posts.

Thank you Amanda

I love your new kit! Thank you for sharing!

I love the watercolor brushes! Thanks for sharing.

Have been going through this forum and seeing all your work. I find it amazing. Will have to come back another day. I had to laugh at Vidia's post on the word art "ain't nobody got time for that"--that was the first thing I noticed in that kit too. Love it!

Thanks for sharing! I also took a look at some of your photography, love some of the senior ones!

wow so beautiful. thanks

Amanda, thank you for all the lovely free gifts.

Hi Amanda...thanks for all your lovelies...the brads dropbox link is not working...used google drive...