My first and second Freebie in DS

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My first and second Freebie in DS

Hi Members,

probably not everyone looks in the Designer Challenge thread, so I put the link in here. I posted my first minikit challenge there. If you like it you can download it.

I would also like to give something back that I have already received here in the form of BT's and freebies. Maybe it won't be the only time...

Hi all,

my second DC-Freebie in black & ivory

Download here

Have fun!

I put together a color palette with hex code from my last scrap photos "Heralds of Autumn Firethorn". If you want, you can save it or remember it in Pinterest.

Thank you, & congratulations,'ve done a great job! Hope to see more... smiley

Thank you very much Chitra. As long as my creative inspiration lasts... we'll see

smiley smiley