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Thanks Sirin - I hope you can use my designs and will enjoy them!

I'm caught up again on both Designer and Personal freebies until the new ones post on Wednesday 2/24!

It's March already! And Spring is bursting out in full color here in Texas! With Easter at the end of March, I decided to call my personal kit for March SOME BUNNY! I have a little "teaser" that I posted in the gallery here yesterday. My compliments to designers whose CU product I used in my kit: Melo Vrijhof, Sahin Designs, Sheila Reid, Digi Dewi and Marisa Lerin.

And now, on to the "teaser" layout ... what you see in my layout, you will see in my kit: LINK

All freeies will be posted at my Projects by poki FB and my blog

3/2/2016 Projects by poki FB gallery

3/3/2016 Projects by poki FB gallery

3/9/2016 Collect at Projects by poki FB

3/10/2016 on Projects by poki FB

3/16/2016 at

3/17/2016 at Projects by poki FB

3/23/2016 on Projects by poki FB

3/24/2016 on my Projects by poki FB

3/26/2016 at Projects by poki FB

3/27/2016 at Projects by poki

3/30/2016 Two paper sets, one download at Projects by poki


I had fun! Hope you will too! ALL LINKS HAVE EXPIRED

Designer freebies made by poki - March 2016 ALL LINKS FROM THIS POST HAVE EXPIRED!

Coming soon

3/4/2016 on my blog

3/7/2016 on my blog

3/11/2016 on my blog

3/14/2016 on my blog

3/18/2016 on my blog

3/21/2016 on my blog

3/25/2016 on my blog

3/28/2016 on my blog

I have updated both my personal collection SOME BUNNY 3/23/2016 and my Designer collection 3/21/2016. Enjoy!


Super śliczne dodatki-pozdrawiam smiley

My personal collection SOME BUNNY updated 3/25/2016 - Updated Designer freebie list 3/25/2016

Thank you for your great kits!

Update March Personal freebie 3/30/2016 (one more to go!) and Designer freebies 3/30/2016

Coming today 4/1/2016 - No Fooling! on my blog at 8:00 am CDT

Designer freebie featuring Over the Fence Designs A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME - You can collect my freebie at my blog

My personal collection for April 2016 is called SPRING IT ON!

I've started it with "upcycled" flowers ... ordinary household items used to create flowers, then captured digitally for your scrapping pleasure! I've posted 4 sets so far:

You will find all of the links in this blog post

On my blog on 4/8/2016 - featuring Jen C Designs MY JOURNEY JANUARY 2016

On my blog on 4/11/2016 featuring PattyB Scraps FAMILY TREASURES

smiley Thank you...

BTW there is no download link on your blog for Sweet Spring

Thanks, Angela - I fixed the link!

Designer freebie gift 4/15/2016 on my blog

are these allowed to be put in our scrapkits?
I can never remember what S4H/S4O means

Trish, no they are not..... S4H/S4O means you can make something for someone else,
and depending on the individual TOU, you can either make it for a client you are charging,
or for a client for free, but generally can not make items to resell in your kits.

That would be CU or CU4CU, also in accordance to individual artists TOU.

Poki may have special rules tho. smiley

Because I use Designer product in these freebies which are generally PU (personal use), S4H/S4O (Scrap for hire/others) these products my freebies are designated as PU only! I include both the Designer's TOU and my TOU in every freebie package!

This week's freebies from my personal collection SPRING IT ON - You will find the links on my blog



Designer freebie on my blog 4/22/2016

Designer freebie on my blog 4/25/2016

SPRING IT ON! collection freebies on my blog

Designer freebie on my blog

I'm going "un-plugged" for a while during May, but my freebies are not! You will still be able to collect freebies for Personal Use and S4H or S4O each Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the month of May! Everything is scheduled, and I hope it all works well.

Designer freebies coming Mondays and Fridays, and personal freebies (Reprised some of my favorites from 2014)

First up (sneak peek 5/1) you'll find this one on my [url= ]blog[/url] on 5/2

I will try to get a few more images posted with the scheduled release days before I "un-plug" (I really need some downtime!)

Thanks for sharing! I love the florals!

Love your charm kits. Thanks!

May Week 2 - May 9 - 13 on my blog

Designer freebie - Over the Fence Designs COCOA AND A BOOK - coming May 9 to my blog

Personal Freebie - coming May 11 to my blog

Designer freebie - Sherwood Studio SANCTUARY coming May 13 to my blog

Thanks! I hope my charms and flowers will be useful (or inspiring!)

Week 3 - May 16 - 20, 2016 on my blog