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Personal freebies are a set of template I created ... and use regularly!

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Still to come

9/28/2016 blog

October has been racing by ... while I've been trying to keep up with my digital work, while providing post-surgical care from my long time significant other (20 years is a long time!) He's becoming more independent each day, although he still cannot drive!(yikes) - I'm getting more time at home this week, so I want to catch up with my Designer freebies this month

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Coming soon!

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Personal freebie collection - wordart tags created for a paper book I made for my September class (I have 10 friends who paper scrap my projects each month ... )

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Coming soon

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I have survived the annual Fall Bazaar at my church ... whew!!! ... and now I can get back to a little more relaxed time here at home! It was a great show. I have some personal freebies to share with you for November ... along with some Designer freebies which I will put in the next message.

blog 11/3 Gratitude wordart








11/30 - reprise post

Designer freebies for November 2016

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blog 11/30 - REPRISE ALL NOVEMBER DESIGNER FREEBIES - Links will remain active until 12/5

Thank you for your lovely believe in your dreams cluster. I love it.

Your resources are very awesome Poki, love them all!!!

Don't be alarmed - poki is taking a "12 Vacation" from Freebies in December ... Freebies will return for 12 Days beginning December 13

My all too short "12 Day Vacation!" has ended ... I really didn't get away from "work" at all! My Designer freebie collection for December premiered this morning with this frame cluster ... you can find it on my blog

Check the blog daily until the end of the year!



















edit: I really thought that I added all of these freebies ... but there is still time to hit the reprise
You'll find them all there!

Thank you, your stuff is awesome!

Designer freebies for January 2017 on my blog

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1/31/2016 - Reprise showing all Designer freebies blog

Personal freebies - January 2017 WINTER SPARKLE on my blog

We rarely have snow where I live ... last measurable snowfall was in February 2010! I am always inspired by the lovely snowy photos I see in scrapbooking forums, and fortunately have a photographer friend who lives in a snowy place and shares! My personal collection for January is called WINTER SPARKLE

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1/31/2017 Reprise of WINTER SPARKLE blog All links from January will remain active until 2/5/2017! I hope you enjoy my collection!

Thanks smiley

New collection from me: HEARTS & FLOWERS

2/1/2017 blog

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2/28/2017 REPRISE of all on blog - Links active until 3/5/2017

Designer freebie gifts - February 2017 ... start on 2/3

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2/28/2017 REPRISE of all Designer freebie gifts - links active until 3/5/2017

Thanks, Poki!

I have updated my PERSONAL Collection HEARTS & FLOWERS and my DESIGNER Collection for February 2017 ... above! Check it out ... just a few more days with active links!

March is slipping past ... I've been so busy! But wanted to share my Designer freebies from the month

3/3/2017 BLOG

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3/10/2017 BLOG

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3/20/2017 BLOG

Coming soon

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WELCOME SPRING is my personal collection that began in March, and will last through May

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Beautiful collection! Thanks!

WOW! Thanks for sharing your talent with us all, Poki! What beautiful elements!

Another month begins (while I was out playing for my birthday) Designer freebies

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Life got very complicated on my end and I never got back to post APRIL or May freebies ... oh, my! Rest assured though that even on my busiest days I still have freebies on a regular basis on my blog ... currently I am posting Monday and Friday designer freebies, and Wednesday personal freebies! I NO LONGER USE MY BLOG!

After a long hiatus (I was caregiver for my sister during her cancer treatment in 2018 and 2019) I am back to sharing both Designer gifts and PU/S4H/S40 Personal creations on my Projects by poki FB page
you can find an album for Designer gifts and Personally made gifts

As each new gift releases, I add a link on the feed, and also in the album.

Links remain active until the 15th of the following month.

Any previous gifts you may see in this thread are inactive now.

personally made by poki SNOW MUCH SNOW

I hope you enjoy them! (February collection uses the same color palette - coming soon)

I am no longer using my blog, and do not have a photo hosting site yet that will work, my only method is to link to my fb group page

MAY - WordArt Wednesday (4 posts)

spring This and That (6 posts)

Designer gifts (7 posts)

I'm trying something ... I still will be sharing my gifts from Projects by poki FB, but I'm trying to use the blog (it opened for me!) as a photo hosting site

Wordart Wednesday

June 3

June 10

June 17

Jun 24

You can find these gifts at Projects by poki FB on the date listed

June Template Tuesday

June 2

June 9

June 16

June 23

Designer gifts at Projects by poki FB

June 1 Flower cluster - KIT: Whispy's D'zines SPRING BUNNY

June 5 Border cluster - KIT: PattyB Scraps BLOOM REVIVAL

June 8

June 12

June 15

June 19

June 22

Poki, I really like your templates, but by any chance are they available in png format? I don't use ps. If not, I understand. smiley

Sent direct message to Liesel.