Ongoing request: Spelling alternates

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Ongoing request: Spelling alternates

I would love if designers would offer both spelling variations when there’s a word with unique US spelling. I won’t use any odd spelling (to me, American spelling is odd, though I understand British spelling looks weird to Americans) so a lot of elements are immediately off limits to me and other nonAmercians.

There are three main spelling differences I see come up in scrapbooking a lot:

British vs US

Favourite / Favorite

Mum / Mom

Mummy / Mommy

If these three words were given spelling alternates it would make many US elements accessible to a larger audience.

Some other differences which come up occasionally:

Colour / Color
Flavour / Flavor
Neighbour / Neighbor

Thanks for reading!

I also grew up with British spelling and most of Canada tends to use the British spelling, but I dont let the different spelling in word art elements bother me.

It’s definitely a personal choice, but I know many Australians will not use a Mom card, because we just don’t say Mom at all; it’s like calling someone the wrong name.

Thank you for this suggestion. I love the British spelling. It adds a bit of elegance to simple words. I will try to incorporate this into some of my upcoming kits. (I'm working several months out so it might be a few months before you begin to see it).

I'm guilty of the opposite. I do everything in British English and forget to do the alternate.

I do understand the frustration in finding the perfect kit and then having everything in American English. Especially around Mother's Day.

Meanwhile I don't worry too much if a kit uses British English spelling (I use "grey" instead of "gray" all the time myself, despite otherwise using American spellings). It bugs me more if a word art element is actually misspelled than if it uses a different region's spelling. If I can, I just edit the element myself, but I also know that's not always possible.

I'll have to consider this, because it is extra work to remember and include the alternate spellings.

Will keep this in mind.👍

Thanks Gina!

Thanks Nae!

Yes, it’s very noticeable at Mothers’ Day, Trish! Sometimes I find a card or a quote that says Mother that I can use 😆

Yes, definitely more work, Amanda. From my perspective, I would always include both spelling options because I want my work to be accessible to more people. I think the dominant culture in scrapbooking is US, so it’s unlikely to be an issue Americans come across much, and less likely to affect your sales than if a designer only provided British spelling.