August 2020 Blog Train - Working

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August 2020 Blog Train - Working

Switching things up with a new look. The themes listed are OPTIONAL. You are free to choose whatever works for you. Also, you don't have to use all the colors.

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

Please make sure this logo is visible on your preview: Blog Train Logo

The Galaxy idea, I love it!

This does look fab, thanks for posting and for the new idea.

Just to clarify - when you say “optional” does that mean we choose from the options? (In England this phrasing wouldn’t normally mean that)

Kat, it means that the themes are suggestions only. You don't have to use any of them if you want to do something else with the palette.


That’s what it would mean here too. Just checking as I know so many words have subtly different meanings across the various English speaking nations.

(I was once told a cab would stop at the door to the hotel momentarily. In England that means “for a moment” not “in a moment” as the man intended. I was poised for swift action 🤦‍♀️)

@Kat: smiley

sneak peek:

Love this palette! I’ve been wanting to do something with purple and indigo. Gorgeous!

love this palette and thème! smiley
my part here quickly!

This palette is so pretty. smiley

Lots of fun colors in this palette. As is often the case, I started out with an idea and ended up going off in a totally different direction smiley I really like having no set theme. It's like somebody left the gate open!

i love this color palette and theme ideas!

The light green colour (4th from the right in the palette has the same number as the blue (5th from the left). I think the number of the light green should be c8e2cb. Please could someone check this?


Lovely creations so far! I'm planning on doing the "galaxy" theme myself.

I'm on a no sugar low carbohydrate diet so it was hard doing sweets. smiley

Robin, I'm sorry you had to go through that, but the results here are so SWEET! Pun intended, lol! I especially love those tea things. smiley

Ooo so many pretty contributions already! I'm going with Cherish as my theme [inspired by the Baby's First year but a little more generic].

Here is what I will have come August. smiley

Beautiful Jessica! Specially the nest tag.
Diane, your flowers and butterflies are lovely!
Trish, love your galaxy.
Lisel, adorable luv bug.
Tricia, cute little monster.

Wow! I love all your kits! smiley

I missed last month's but I got to Augusts.

Wonderful kits everyone! I went with a beach theme.

@Kelly, I really like that blue planet paper, especially!
@Phyllis, loving that starfish paper!


OK. I was able to jump on board with August's. smiley smiley

Everyone, I'm really liking these kits! Not only because of you digital designer geniuses' work, but also.....there's teal and purple involved!

Mine is set to go!

@Robin ~ Thank you!
@Kelly ~ Perfect for the Comet!
@Phyllis ~ Great theme & looks fantastic!
@Tammy ~ Sweet & that turquoise paper looks so beautiful!
@Kris ~ So awesome! Another lovely & timely kit for the comet smiley
@Janet ~ Beautiful! Can't wait!

What a great variety of kits! Such a versatile train that can be used soooo many ways! Looking forward to August! smiley


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