Dec 2017 Blog Train - Working

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Dec 2017 Blog Train - Working

The December blog train is Home for the Holidays, with an emphasis on neutrals.

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

Feel free to pin inspiration to our Pinterest board. If you'd like to be added to the board, please leave me a comment here (make sure you are following the board, or else I can't add you).

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I love this theme and palette!

great colors, perfect theme smiley

OH! I Love these Colors. I did a kit last year with the same colors and the same name lol smiley I will create something for this one too!

Getting a little ahead of myself here but I've already got some papers done smiley

And.. some word strips as well smiley

Neutral emphasis.. great idea.. love that winter look! smiley

Either the first or second time I've ever done layered journal cards. I don't think they're perfect but I don't think they're half bad and I like trying!

Well, I for one, really LIKE those journal cards, Kayl! Especially the one with the silver star on the white strip, and the one with snow covered trees on the bottom. Awesome!

Thanks, Lisel!

Kayl, those look pretty perfect on the preview!

Thank you smiley I know you dabble with layered cards so that's reassuring to hear! For the shadows is it a -feel it out/whatever you think looks good- type of situation? That's what gave me the most trouble.

It is, Kayl. For my templates, I usually go with something around 35% opacity in a dark brown or navy blue since shadows usually take on those shades, about 12px distance and 25px size. And dabbling is...perhaps an understatement, given the number of packs of journal card templates in my shop and the around 8 packs I currently have in various stages of development.

Quite a few then!! Thanks for the approximates, I'll have to play with those the next time I try some layered cards.

Perhaps the majority here celebrate Christmas, but don't forget there are a lot of other holidays that people celebrate in December!
Saint Nicholas Day (Christian)
Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mexican)
St. Lucia Day (Swedish)
Hanukkah (Jewish)
Christmas Day (Christian)
Three Kings Day/Epiphany (Christian)
Boxing Day (Australian, Canadian, English, Irish)
Kwanzaa (African American)
Omisoka (Japanese)

I included a few Hanukkah items in my bundle, but looking at it now it feels a bit Christmas dominated. Besides word art, what kinds of elements or patterns really say "Hanukkah" to you.

Hmmm. The blues, greys, and tans for colors. Menorahs, dreidels, Stars of David...
This is the link to my blog train portion from last December- feel free to download and look through for ideas if you want!

December 2016 Blog Train

Check out some of these

December Holidays

I about died laughing at some of these December holidays lol! Since we don't celebrate any of the traditional holidays in our house, I will probably pick one or more of the off the wall ones from that list.

Thanks Laurel!

Just an FYI that the majority of the colors in the palette don't match the hex codes given. When clicking on colors with eyedropper in photoshop, different hex codes came up. I manually entered the hex from there to add to my library, but IDK if everyone will notice or if ACO file is correct. Just a heads-up!

I made the ACO file based on the codes, not the colors. I also gamut checked it before submitting it smiley

YAY! Good to know, Kayl! I just happened to notice a discrepancy this time, so better safe than sorry!!

I really like what everyone has done so far. I managed to make a few brads & stamps for the train. I did mostly Christmas, but added a few generic ones as well.

smiley Checking in here is a lil like Christmas already. All the designs here look so beautiful. So looking forward to everything I am seeing!
@Lori:Love your wonderful, seasonal elements!
@Tammy: I love your elements, that tag is too cute.
@Kayl: I love your brilliant tiny pattern paper pack with the wordstrips and the JCs so handy and pretty.
@Arlene: Wow, Arlene, this had me staring, fabulous! Love it. smiley

And Yule too. beautiful work everyone can't wait!!

OK Here is what I have for this:

Thanks Bina, That was a kit that I did for something else last year. It was the same colors and had the same name. I just had to But I had my kit for here now. There will be more. smiley

@Lori: Yay!
I have started to make some holiday greeting cards.
Please let me have your opinions. smiley

Those look lovely, Bina! The only improvement I could think of is that the top left card has too light of a font color after the "from" part. I've really wanted to dabble in Photo cards recently but continue to procrastinate because I'm so unsure where to start exactly. Too many unorganized ideas floating around in my head to actually execute something pleasant. smiley

Wonderfully done!