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smiley smiley smiley smiley Thank you so much for your remark on the color. So true, thanks so much!!! Looking forward to your photocards... smiley

OK I made some Snow! smiley It wouldn't be Christmas without snow! LOL Had to make the preview Blue so that you can see the snow. Template overlay png. Full size 12 x 12.

Thank you so much for the ACO!

Happy to provide it smiley Makes life a little easier - especially for the larger palettes!!

my part here : in my blog 1th december here :


What I have so far:


I added an alpha

Looks wonderful, Rachel! Love the disco ball-esque style on the ornament and Peace!

Thank you Kayl!

Christmas baking is a big deal around here. Starting the day after Thanksgiving, anyone who comes into my kitchen gains a pound or two!

Wow, you ladies are ahead of the game already working on December. Great kits so far! I also had to laugh at your list of December holidays Laurel. We certainly should be able to find inspiration in one of those topics if not Christmas. Looking forward to starting on this month as soon as I finish a photobook I am working on.

This will more often than not happen when using the eyedropper on a raster image as the colors are not actually solid at the bit levels,they just look that way to the human eye. Basically what when this files are rendered, the code actually blends shades and tones together (sort of like stirring paints and water together in a can) and then does the best it can to replicate it on your screen. It's awesome that Kayl takes the time to create the ACO for us but if you're ever in doubt or don't have access to the ACO and need to ke your own, always default to the hex codes.

Let's not forget Festivus, made famous in 1995 by The Seinfeld Show. smiley smiley

oh, my.... this had me laughing so hard!!

thanks for this unconventional tip, rose!
kit might just go in that direction...

Last year I did a pink and purple for Christmas so this time around I focused on the blues and greens.

I love the trees and the tree paper and everything else. Gorgeous, Rachel smiley

Looks fabulous, looking forward to your cookies! smiley

smiley Wow, so elegant. Love it.

That triangle santa is so cute, looking forward to the good cardstock too! smiley

Your kit is so sweet and pretty! smiley

I may use it as my inspiration, as I've only just started forming my ideas (I'm a slow starter).

To me, being home for the holidays (especially when I was in college) meant baking cookies with my mom. So, I "whipped up" two dozen cookies for you, plus a coffee, fridge, and, of course, a few papers. smiley

Oh, and I also have a Hanukkah portion, which was part of a Designer Challenge here.

2Diane and Laurel: I almost wonder if that's an upper Midwest thing...the whole "day after Thanksgiving Christmas baking" thing was a family tradition when I was younger, too! My folks are still in Wisconsin, around an hour from La Crosse, not that I visit often anymore--travel just takes too much out of me. I'll be decorating the tree and baking great-grandma's cookie recipes on the 24th, though!

Holly, It probably started as a way to keep warm during the month of December- brrr!! lol
We always baked cookies the night before Chanukah started- it was always like adding a night onto an already lengthy 8 nights of festivities!

My stepmom started baking cookies the day after thanksgiving as well. We had a 2nd fridge/freezer in our garage that was purchased specifically for all the baking!! We had a huge family event for christmas so there'd easily be 700+ cookies in that freezer before christmas actually came. There'd have been more if my brother and I didn't sneak them weekly smiley Most everyone went home with a box, bag, pocket, mouth, etc full of cookies, too. She was born and raised in Seattle WA so maybe a mid-northwest thing in general?

Here is my take...

I made a little something too:

All of these are so beautiful!

okay, I have to admit I simply don't have a clue about the ACO file. Any explanation what it is and how to use it would be appreciated.

The aco file is just a color palette shortcut for photoshop users basically. Just as you would double-click an abr file to load brushes, you can double-click an aco file to load the palette smiley

Thank you so very much for always providing 'just' these aco files for us! smiley They're 'just' ever so useful and do take time to make!