Dec 2019 Blog Train - Comments

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Dec 2019 Blog Train - Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until December 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

Oh, I can't WAIT for this train! So many yummy things I've seen! Thank you to everyone!

Everything's great so far. Thanks everyone!

Dawn, you may want to check the link to your blog. It's missing the http part, so it instead loads the forums here. I was able to get around that, but others might be confused.

Gorgeous! Thanks so much!!!

To Holly Wolf, Thank you so much for the lovely kit. However, the link to your papers is not working. Didn't know if someone had alerted you about it and I don't know how else to do it. Thanks again!

Thank you all for the lovely kits! (My inner teenager is loving all of the glitter!) smiley

Marisa, it seems that the link to the alpha on Facebook is still bringing up the November freebie. Just to let you know.

@Lousie: I believe Holly's link has been fixed.

And I'll go update my Facebook link right now!

I still can't find Dawn's. smiley Everything else is spectacular! Loving the color palette! smiley

Kathy, here's the link to Dawn's blog without the accidental parts before it: Dawn's Blog

You could also click the "Blog" link in her post and then edit the URL to remove everything except the last part.

Hi! Loving all the bright colors and glitter! Thank you, all!

@Jennifer Morgan: Your link is giving me a message that I don't have permission to download it. Tried twice. Thanks.

Thank you for all of your beautiful work!

Beautiful Collection THANK YOU ALL bunches smiley

I'm working on getting an alternate download link on my blog. Thanks for letting me know!

Just out of curiosity, so I can try to figure out where the issue is, do you receive that message on my wordpress site or do you receive it on the Syncplicity/Axway site? If you could let me know or if you or anyone else who got the error message could send me a screenshot of the message that would be really helpful for finding out what is going on because I've tried it from my computer and my husband's computer and I couldn't make the error message appear.

Thanks again for letting me know!

Jennifer - as a test, I just now downloaded from both links and they both worked fine for me. just FYI

SUPERB holiday train. Thanks to all designers for sharing their wonderful work ! smiley

Such an amazing train! Thanks to everyone who contributed, it's all absolutely gorgeous!

Thanks for letting me know Maude!

It's a phantastic blogtrain! Many thanks to all! smiley

Many thanks to you all for the hard work and love you put into creating these sparkly gifts for us!

Amazing gifts, wonderful designs, my fave are Gina's pattern files this month. Many thanks for all your hard work and wonderful generosity! Merry Christmas, everyone. smiley

thank you all so very very much for the beautiful blog train goodies!!

I must be having a senior moment (or senior day??) but I am trying to download the parts of the blog train and have come up with the following:
Robin Sampson - no matter where I scroll, I can't find the post let alone a download link
Sonia Roman - Mega NZ says the file could not be loaded
Joyce Vane - site can't be reached error
Any suggestions as to how to access these three parts of the blog train are very much appreciated. All of the contributions are excellent and I am looking forward to digging into the whole collection. Thank you to all!

Michelle, you'll find Robin Sampson's part in the very first blog post. Scroll down (and then scroll some more) and you'll find the blog train preview image. You can use the Find function on your browser to search for Pixel Scrapper and it should take you right down to it.

MegaNZ can be a bit fiddly but it seems to be working. Just click on the green download button and the download should start up. If it doesn't load for you, do you maybe have a script or extension on your browser that's blocking it? Or an antivirus program?

Joyce Vane's website is loading for me right now, but here's a direct link to the blog post just in case.

Hope that helps!

Thank you for all of your beautiful work! Merry Christmas everyone smiley

Tank you all so much! So beautiful!

Thank you Trish, the first one did help but still struggling with the MegaNZ but I think it might be my internet provider, so I will admit defeat for the moment and just be happy with all the wonderful goodies I was able to download.

Thank you to all! Happy holidays everyone!!

Thank you everyone! This train was so bright and fun! I'm hoping to participate in the future!

You know I have to admit that I wasn't that excited about the palette. But when I saw all the great kits that the talented designers came up with... well, I loved them!
Thank you!

Thanks soooooo much for all the wonderful bits on the blog train.