Dec 2019 Blog Train - Final List

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Dec 2019 Blog Train - Final List

Sign up below with your lovely contributions to this month's blog train.

If you'd like to leave comments, questions, thanks, etc, please do so in this post.

Please post the following in this thread:

  1. Preview Image
  2. Link to your blog or direct link to the freebie if you don't have a blog.

Your part of the blog train does not need to be live until December 1.

Please note that if you are having problems with one of the links, please contact that designer directly. I have no control over their portions. Remember to be polite because they've worked hard to make something wonderful, for free. :)

Also, if you're claiming a spot for later, when you're ready to post your part, please post it at the end of the list so people can find it easily. I'll delete your reserve comment.

***Only post in this thread if you are posting a link to your part for the blog train.***

On my blog:

On Facebook:

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!!! smiley

Here is my contribution to this month's blog train:

If you are a subscriber you can download this kit here, otherwise you'll also be able to find it at my FB-page.

If you like this kit; more coordinating kits can be found here at


Will be on the Bible Journal Love Blog December 1. Scroll to the bottom of the post for the download.

My mini kit will be on my blog December 1st

Happy Holidays! Links are below their previews. smiley

Download kit on Dropbox HERE.

Separate previews:

Bonus paper pack:

Download bonus pack on Dropbox HERE.

First off...Asking for a friend... smiley but someone I know is really trying to make a go at her design career...she could really use some likes. There are some weird apps and things she wants to use to optimize her FB page layout to make it more friendly to her needs and needs of her clientele, but some of the 3rd party apps she is interested in using require a minimum of 2000 likes! Yikes! She's just getting started so she definitely does not have that many! If any of you could take a second out of your day and do a quick "like" on the page, I know she would really appreciate it! smiley smiley

You can download here at, if you are subscribed. If you AREN'T subscribed, definitely think about doing that. This site is well worth the monthly fee. I'll also be adding the items individually ASAP.

You can also find the download link on my Facebook page. Obviously not required but I'd greatly appreciate shares and likes, I do not require them to gain access to my mini kits created for the blog train, but would appreciate them so much!


I added 3 full sets of alphas to coordinate!

You can find my part HERE.♥ ENJOY!

Download from my BLOG December 1 -- Ho Ho Ho

Links will be available on my BLOG December 1st. These will also be available here on Links: Mini Kit, Plaid Papers, Small Pattern Papers, Snow Papers

I've also done many coordinating elements and papers, check them out in the Commons!

You can download my part here

Download from my blog...

10 papers and PS patterns - PU/CU ok


kit is PU only

on my blog: Thrifty Scraps

in my blog: ...1 Décember

Happy Holidays!!

Festive PU Kit link

You can find my part on my blog, Promethean Concepts.

Available on my Blog

On my blog now

For those of you who commented that I've forgotten to link the paper pack, I'm so sorry, and am uploading it now. It's been a stressful few weeks. Mea culpa.

Available on my BLOG!

Download available HERE

Now on the blog:

For those who were having issues downloading my kit, I've added a Dropbox download link. It seems to be working so please let me know if there are anymore issues! Thanks so much!

This kit isn't as colorful as the rest of them, but I love the elegance of it. I ended up with two page kits. You can view the blog here. Don't forget to subscribe to my blog!

On my blog

Sorry I am late. I haven't been up to snuff, still waiting to get the right doctor and medications. I have a kit here if anyone would still like it smiley It's about 130 megs
It's in my Dropbox Holiday Magic

Here is my part. Running behind. Had to go in for a procedure. Hope that you like it.

On my Blog HERE

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