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Edited : Use Rachel's suggestion below smiley

Pat, I also moderate the forums so I was able to go into your post and fix it. I simply pasted the BBCode into the post that was given to me by flickr. Hope that helps!

@Rachel well that would be simpler smiley I didnt realize there was a bbcode on flickr...this was coming from a non-flickr user smiley

LOLOLOL I've been on Flickr for a long time and just discovered (it's the same little arrow that you talked about in your post, but you just click on the BBCode, and it copies it to your clipboard) it about a year ago...

Funny I never even noticed the bbcode...just saw embed so went with that lol! Thanks for the suggestion...and now I know too!

Well unless things get out of hand around my house count me in on this one.♥ Everyones looks great!

thanks so much Rachel. I tried that but it didn't work for me. Maybe I didn't wait long enough. Whatever. I really appreciate your help.

Rachel, I love that sandman and that starsanta! And the Merry Christmas written in the sand!


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