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Gads, I can't wait to download all of these fantastic designs! I think this is one of my most favorite Blog Hops! Just one more week of waiting! smiley

I am hoping I can contribute this month! Here is what I have so far...Let me know if I have anything wrong, this is my first blog train at PS!


Everything looks great, Rachel!! Awesome job and welcome to the train!

ok, I'm following now, so can I please be added - to be honest I can get lost for hours in Pinterest

I'm not used to keeping my kits small, but I'll try for the February train

Hi Mary, all you need to do to join us is share your preview and link in the sign up thread when I post it (just before the beginning of the new month).

Super extra mini kit here. I tried something new with a couple of the papers see I ended up with some similar to here already smiley ! I always gravitate to the darker colors-mine ended up looking like fall colors! The paint splatter kind of blends in with the papers, but I didn't want to add a drop shadow to it.

Kit will be available on my blog February 1st at Lavender Mint Graphics.

ok - I have my kit & preview created but how do I post a picture here or even in the gallery?

Mary, you will have to upload your preview to a hosting site like dropbox, imgur, google drive, etc. I recommend imgur as it is free and doesn't require you to change permissions like the others.

Once you have uploaded your preview to one of those sites, you are given a set of links, take the direct link and post it here as a comment smiley

Soon, the "Final Thread" will be up which is where we all post our previews/kits for everyone to download. smiley

I am happy to be in this blog train! All kits are so wonderful! My kit will be posted on my blog, hope you like it!:

And all together:

Oh shoot....I didn't do that! Or is that this thread?

The final thread will be posted at the end of the preceeding month of the blogtrain (febs final thread is posted at the end of Jan, March final train goes up at the end of Feb, etc), usually between the 27th-30th. smiley It will be the top post on the home page and bolded when it's up!

Edit: The thread is up now, Rachel! Here is a link smiley


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